Alisa Dunlap named Pacific Power’s new regional business manager

Alisa Dunlap

ASTORIA — Alisa Dunlap is assuming the role of regional business manager for Pacific Power in Clatsop and Lincoln counties. She plans to move to the north coast within the next few months. In this role she will maintain the company’s relationships in the community as well as manage the accounts of Pacific Power’s large commercial and industrial customers.

Dunlap has been with Pacific Power since 2010, working in government relations where she tracked and analyzed policy issues for the company. “My goal has been to work more closely with customers and communities,” she said. “I look forward to making my home in Clatsop County, better understanding your concerns and talking with everyone about economic development, energy issues and how we can all grow together as a community.”

“I have been introducing Alisa to community leaders the last few weeks to ease the transition,” said Shelia Holden, who has served as Pacific Power’s main contact with customers in Clatsop County for over a decade. “This new move will allow me to concentrate on my expanded responsibilities as a regional business manager in the Portland area.”

Dunlap plans to join several local organizations and is already involved in the Astoria Regatta. Before joining Pacific Power, she did legislative and policy work at Oregon Health Sciences University. An avid triathlete, she was born in California and graduated from University of California-Davis. She holds a master’s degree from Northeastern University in Boston.

“My husband and I are already house hunting in the area,” she said. “We both love the north and central coast and this is a great opportunity to be part of communities with amazing histories and equally compelling futures. And I think our dog, a beagle named Zoey, will like it, too.”

Pacific Power serves about 23,000 customers in Clatsop County and 11,000 in Lincoln County.

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