Date Owner Address Valuation Work Description Contractor

8/31 City of Astoria 166 Bond St $8,000 Retaining wall Bergeman Enterprises Inc

8/31 N/A 156 Bond St $12,000 Rebuild rotten decks Bridgetown Homes Inc

8/31 John Ginder 3983 Grand Ave $22,323 New front porch Owner

9/04 Essential Enterprises LLC 1446 Commercial St $500 Wall sign Jackeline Cabrera

9/05 Bethany Lutheran Church 451 34th St $36,000 Beam repair and upgrade Columbia Dockworks Inc

9/05 Marcus Liotta 150 Columbia Ave $1,500 Remove and replace walkway and steps Rickenbach Construction Inc

9/06 John and Kimberly Postlewaite $25,000 171 W Bond St Remove and replace siding Hazen Construction LLC

9/06 Erik Luysterborghs 936 Grand Ave $13,750 Remove and replace roof Reyes & Reyes LLC

9/07 Steven Fort 770 35th St $3,500 Foundation underpinning Terra Firma

9/07 Astoria YB LLC 2037 5th St $2,000 Fire alarm system Action Technology Systems LLC

9/07 James Evrard 925 Florence Ave $118,654 Build garage with studio apartment Don Joe Pachal

9/07 Astoria YB 2031 5th St $2,000 Fire alarm system Action Technology Systems

9/09 Marjorie Gensman 3586 Irving Ave $6,081 Install gas furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

9/10 Judith Thiel 495 Kensington Ave N/A Install gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

9/11 Rector 2 LLC 1544 5th St N/A Install gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

9/11 Kelly and Sara Ann Van De Hey 2689 Grand Ave N/A Install gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

9/11 Northwest Natural Gas Co 176 W Marine Dr $3,220 Reroute underground gas piping P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

9/12 Michael Gallegos 562 Nehalem Ave N/A 10’ of sewer repair Alpha Environmental Services Inc

9/13 John Christie 611 31st St N/A Replacing 30’ of sewer Michael Thomas Abrahams

9/17 2911 Marine LLC 2911 Marine Dr $9,208 Install ductless A/C unit P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

9/17 Edward Morgan 764 Florence Ave N/A Waterline replacement A Plus Plumbers Inc

9/17 Kathleen Marie Laughman 1893 Irving Ave $10,000 Install heat pump, hot water heater and gas fireplace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

9/17 Edward Morgan 764 Florence Ave $3,000 Redo bathroom and add wash sink Ralph Curtis Burnett Jr

9/17 Stephanie Robinson 1170 Harrison Ave $6,500 Remove and repair deck Coastal Integrity Construction LLC

9/17 Jennifer Newton 572 38th St $3,200 Remove and replace porch Erickson Custom Renovations LLC

9/18 Matt Phillips 855 Exchange St $12,000 Re-roof Rohl Roofing & Repair Inc

9/19 Kevin Phillips 3963 Franklin Ave N/A Install upstairs heating system Heating Solutions LLC

9/19 Kris Haefker 1142 Grand Ave N/A Install four bathroom fixtures Pacific Plumbing & Mechanical LLC

9/20 Sharon Berg 916 14th St $18,000 Underpinning for foundation repair Terrafirma Foundation Repair Inc

9/20 First Presbyterian Church 1103 Grand Ave $13,500 Replace entry platform Donald Scott Still

9/22 Astor Court Properties LLC 1490 Commercial St $21,000 Install new heating and air conditioning Heating Solutions LLC

9/24 Port of Astoria 45 Pier 2 $67,000 Enclose existing steel mezzanine Bergeman Enterprises Inc

9/24 Kathleen Nancy Leonardo 679 Clatsop Ave $4,600 Install gas inserts Blue Water Inc

9/25 George Roegner 843 35th St $1,500 Install gas line P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

9/25 Raymond Tynkila 784 Florence Ave $3,000 Oil to gas furnace Rea Fredrick Enterprises Inc

9/26 William Miner 1062 Jerome Ave $3,200 Replace gas heating stove Blue Water Inc

9/26 William Martin Kankkonen 347 Oregon St $2,000 Emergency ramp Mike Phillips

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