NameAddress ValueDescriptionContractor
Dian Kazlauska949 19th St. $7,860Foundation underpinning Bergeman Construction
Chuck Meyer555 Riverton $9,000 New deckSelf
Cary Johnson92080 John Day River Rd$333,375New duplexSelf
Cary Johnson92080 John Day River Rd$333,375New duplexSelf
Ty Windom12016 118th Ave NW Gig Harbor$800Add to exiting gas lineLee Reichenbach
Don Rahkonen 8412 200th St SW Edmonds$45,000 Hip roof addition, restore orig roof lineJohn Davies
Georgina Jones1419 9th Street$4,957Replace oil furnace with new oneDiamond Heating
Ben Kiefer888 Lexington$5,000Second floor deck Brian Goodwin
Alice Iverson 285 23rd St Mill PondN/ASink rough inJP Plumbing Co. Inc.
Dave Palmberg 826 Marine Drive  $15,000 Remove carrier RTV, replace P&L Johnson

Todd Sterling 425 Gateway $5,300 Remove/replace gas line and furnace P&L Johnson

Felix Chow 444 South Street $10,500 Replace wood landscape wall with block North Pacific Exchange

R. Baker 1441 N Columbia, Portland $2,000 Remove fire/water sprinkler system Alsco, Inc.

Kelley Horsman 1097 10th Street $5,800 Gas furnace change out P&L Johnson

Don Patterson 2264 Marine Drive $9,000 Install 2 ductless heat pumps P&L Johnson

John Slivkoff 1398 Olney Avenue $10,500 Install 4 new windows Rickenbach Construction

Curt Clumpner 1526 Franklin Avenue $8,988 Rebuild existing masonry Joe Herman Masonry

R. Stramiello Johnson 374 Klaskanine Ave $3,000 Expand porch JR Moyer

Kyle Johnson 1268 Commercial $2,500 Install additional heat source P&L Johnson

Black 1619 Marine Drive $5,000 Demo 1,800 sq.ft. building Palmberg Development

Joel Coffman 623 W Marine Dr. $6,252 Install gas furnace Renaud Electric Co.

Bev Beezden 994 19th Street N/A Add 3 bathroom fixtures Terry’s Plumbing


Name Address Value Description Contractor

Columbia Memorial 2265 Exchange N/A Set 5 exam sinks JP Plumbing Co.

Columbia Memorial 2111 Exchange St. $9,000 Fire alarm system athletic fields complex P&C Construction

ARC Arcade LLC 1650 9th St. $31,161 HDCP restrooms added, change occupancy Rickenbach Construction

ARC Arcade 1650 9th St. NA Replace 8 fixtures JP Plumbing Co. Inc.

Port of Astoria 10 Pier One, Suite 103 $475,000 Tenant improvement of vacant space Rickenbach Construction

Jeff Miller 1310 W. Marine Dr. $500 Install freestanding sign Red Dwarf Graphic

DaYang Seafoods 45 Portway Pier #2 $3,200 Add sprinkler systems Viking Sprinkler

DaYang Seafoods 45 Portway Pier #2 $20,000 Add bathroom Bergeman Construction

Riverwalk Inn 400 Industry Street $13,500 Emergency repair of beams Rickenbach Construction

Name Address Value Contractor Description

Laughlin, Larry 3738 Coho Place $455,737 Brent Hillman & Assoc. NewRes

Cannon Beach Conf Center 351-387 Fir ComRpr unavailable $2,000

Derkacht, David 164 E Adams unavailable Ryan Osburn Plumbing ResSprinkler

Pardini, Ulisse 144 W Jefferson Coaster Construction ResAdd $9,264

Lindstrom, Hans 1956 Pacific Evergreen Construction ResAdd/Rmdl $600,000

Name Value Description Contractor Address

Terry Russell $17,542.56 Garage Add’n/Driveway Self 426 Lake St

Mike Domeyer $8,000 Garage Enclosure Self 215 Howerton Way


Address Description Value Contractor

35199 Lyngstad Heights Ln, Astoria Single Family Dwel $167,136.75 Wilson Construction

80563 Sha-Ne-Mah Rd, Seaside Single Family Residence $244,788.50 David Green Construction

89375 Logan Rd, Astoria Single Family Residence $310,387 Steve Ackley

35087 Jefferson Ln, Astoria Guest house converted from a shed $15,971 Clayton, Charles P

89767 Logan Rd, Astoria Addition to horse stables 12 x 36 $13,685.76 Baldwin Construction

90302 Logan Rd, Astoria Reroof from cedar to composition, dry rot in garage $3,000 Boyovich, Nick C

90393 Peter Johnson Rd, Astoria Pole Bldg 30 x 36 $34,214.40 Savage, Robert D

92660 Pearson Rd, Astoria Remodel house/basement original footprint, new Deck w/shed $62,000 Peitsch, Tim

42160 Ziak-Gnat Creek Ln, Astoria Enclosed Deck $5,565 Fenton, John S

89619 Hwy 101, Warrenton Pole Bldg Addition 48 x 22 $33,454.08 Beach Comber Construction

399 McCormick Gardens Rd, Seaside Remodel- add mudroom in garage $3,000 Brock, Robert William Paul

35611 Ava Ln, Astoria Retaining wall for future pole bldg. $2,000 Robert Martens Excavation

2020 S Roosevelt Dr, Seaside Demo of Garage $1,000 Condra Kevin86868 Youngs River Rd, Astoria Doublewide manufacture unavailable unavailable


Address Description Value Contractor

80414 Hwy 202, Seaside 3,200 SF pole building $101,376 Oregon State Dept Fish/Wildlife

88835 Dawson Rd, Seaside T-Mobile Antennas swap out $20,000 Tbd

46885 Hwy 30, Westport Addition of antennas to existing tower $5,000 Tba

32410 Tolovana Mainline, Cannon Beach T Mobile proposes to swap existing 6 antennas $20,000 Tbd

Name Value Description Contractor Address

Pacific County PW $33,522 Re-Roof Dr Roof 318 2nd St NE

Douglas Const. $50/DEMO Duplex Demo Douglas Const 1310 Pacific Ave N

Wines, Craig & Jackie $4,900 Emergency Repair SELF 205 26th St NE

Name Address Contractor Value Description

Port of Willapa Harbor 2870 Ocean Ave, Sp D Evergreen Production, LLC Installation of greenhouses

Port of Willapa Harbor 335 Peters St Jeff Early $50,000 Remodel

Name Address Contractor Value Description

Port of Willapa Harbor 613 Montana Coastline Roofing $5,800 30’ x 40’ - 6ft high fence

Port of Willapa Harbor 613 Montana Self $25,000 Interior remodel

Name Address Value Description Contractor

Olstedt Construction 2024 SE Huckleberry Ave. $356,848 4-plex Olstedt Construction

Centercal LLC 1479 Discover Ln. $3,873,590 Warrenton Retail CSI

John Englund 847 NE First Ct. $8,500 RTU P&L Johnson

Rite Aid 145 S. Hwy 101 $50,000 Interior remodel James E. John Const.

Saddle Mountain Inc. 280 SE Skipanon Dr. $429,909.60 New Bar Pilot Bldg. SM Anderson Co. Inc.

SBA Network Services Inc. 113 NE First St. $20,000 Swap antennas N/A

ODOT 1960 SE Dolphin Ave. $8,000 Interior wall & stairs N/A

Boyd Thompson 185 SE Alder $1,000 Garage remodel N/A

Human Bean 1526 SE Discovery Ln. $4,500 Signs Advanced Electric sign Inc.

Memory Care Facility 2219 Dolphin Ave. $40,000 Fire sprinklers Parker Fire Protection Inc.

Olstedt Construction 2024 SE Huckleberry Ave. $3,500 Fire sprinklers N/A

Premarq Trend Investments 69 S. Hwy 101 $20,000 Type 1 hood Heating Solutions

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