SEASIE — Campbell Popkin of Seaside started in 2004, when Larry Popkin, 47, joined Steve Campbell, 74. But Campbell’s Seaside practice started in 1967, with a firm that included George Cole, who was also a state representative. Cole subsequently became a judge.

Among those with whom Campbell practiced are Bill Canessa, Bob Moberg, Glenn (?) Faber and Dawn McIntosh. Campbell was a member of the Clatsop County Charter Committee that wrote the Home Rule Charter, which voters adopted in 1988.

Campbell’s specialties are elder law, probate, guardianship and conservatorship. Popkin does real estate law, estate planning, business law – including formation, consultation and business sales. The two partners have an associate, Chris Palmer, 40, whose specialty is family law, business law and general litigation.

There is an advantage in having a partner who has practiced so long in this county, says Popkin. That long association leads to easy communication with other lawyers and firms.

Campbell said the range of lawyer’s hourly rates in Clatsop County is $180-$300. His is $300.

“If you average five billable hours a day, that’s good,” says Campbell. Popkin adds that a Portland firm would expect lawyers to bill 150-200 hours per month. Popkin bills 80 hours per month.

Campbell remembers a time when the county’s lawyers socialized more. “I don’t know a lot of the lawyers in this county any more,” he said “There’s more specialization and less socializing.” When began to practice in Clatsop County, lawyers had to take criminal trial appointments. He did two murder cases in 1971 and 1973.

In a more recent probate case the firm confronted the challenge of disposing of 87 wrecked cars.

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