This month’s article is written by Anna Stamper, coordinator for the Clatsop WORKS Paid Internship Program.

SEASIDE — “A paid internship? How often do you get THAT opportunity?” This is a common reaction to the Clatsop WORKS Paid Internship program! It is a new experiment to strengthen our workforce and increase economic vitality in Clatsop County, and it is working. Clatsop WORKS finished with amazing results this summer. We thank our educational partners, host employers, interns, steering committee, and all of our community members who have offered so much support for the program.

The 2018 Clatsop WORKS Paid Internship program provided paid internships to 16 local students, ranging in age from 16-24. The following employers stepped up and championed the program from the beginning, hiring and training interns for the summer: Hampton Lumber Mill, Haystack Rock Awareness Program, Englund Marine Supply, Martin North Hospitality, Ocean Crest GMC Cadillac Buick, Bergerson Construction, Columbia Memorial Hospital, Lum’s Auto Center, Rickenbach Construction, Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation, and Providence Seaside Hospital.

The Clatsop WORKS Interns also attended seven professional development workshops to learn about various professional topics, including tours of the hosting organization. The interns were hosted by Englund Marine, Hampton Lumber Mill, Martin North, Haystack Rock Awareness Program, Sunset Empire Parks and Recreation District, Rickenbach Construction and Lum’s Auto Center. At the final professional development day, U.S. Representative Suzanne Bonamici visited and had a chance to speak to our interns about the program. After a summer of training and professional development, our Clatsop County students impressed the whole room as they shared their experiences.

Applications are open for the summer of 2019. Paid internships will start in June of 2019 and will last from 8-10 weeks, depending on the employer. Wages begin at minimum wage, although some employers are providing higher wages. Goals for interns include the following: to help build job application, resume and interview skills; develop work ethic and professionalism; develop career readiness and technical skills; and to introduce them to local opportunities in Clatsop County.

Paid internships are mutually beneficial for interns and employers alike. Interns get a paid work experience that allows them to explore possible career paths, and achieve the goals above, but the host employer also benefits. By hosting an intern for the summer, employers get to:

• Showcase opportunities to potential future employees

• Gain brand and marketing visibility in the community

• Give leadership the chance to mentor an intern, and also get to share in the experience of watching these interns learn and grow.

This program is immensely rewarding for all involved. If you are a local business that would like to participate, please fill out the following application, and information will be automatically sent to the coordinator:

Applications for students are available at this link:

Students, parents or guardians, and interested host employers can email Anna Stamper, Clatsop WORKS Program coordinator, at or call 503-338-2507 for more information. Let’s get to WORK!

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