Date Name Address Value Description Contractor

8/25/17 Arlene Layton 942 26th Street $3,123 Install wood stove Blue Water Inc

8/28/17 Jim O’Brien 670 Franklin Avenue $22,725 Move porch to west side, replace deck 3 Rivers Construction Incorporated

8/30/17 Howard Gray 1579 4th Street $5,950 Install ductless heat pump P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

9/5/17 Betty and Jose Valero 593 Klaskanine Avenue $4,500 Install gas furnace and gas line Diamond Heating Inc

9/5/17 Brian Olivier 4529 Commercial Street $4,679 Install ductless heat pump P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

9/6/17 Stan Johnson 1945 SE 2nd Street $361,638 Single family dwelling Astoria Northwest Homes Inc

9/6/17 Warren and Peggy Junes 530 Nehalem Avenue $10,629 Replace squares of Comp and plywood Home Depot

9/12/17 Carol Lindstrom 815 Clatsop Avenue $4,987 Add coil and AC unit Diamond Heating Inc

9/12/17 Elvi Brunner 4408 Commercial Street $3,380 Install wood insert Blue Water Inc

9/12/17 Charles and Ruth Ann Lindstrom 1413 4th Street $35,170 New garage Beach Construction LLC

9/14/17 George Gunn 1163 W Marine Drive $16,000 Replace porch Jack E Coffey


8/9/17 2911 Marine LLC 2911 Marine Drive $3,100 Adding walls and 2 doors CBM Development & Construction LLC

8/21/17 Sunset Development LLC 710 Marine Drive $394,080 Rebuilding 1st and 2nd floor RDA Project Management LLC

8/22/17 Burger King 350 Marine Drive $140,000 Restructure outside 2 Diamond Construction LLC

8/22/17 Port of Astoria 400 Industry Street $20,000 Modify kitchen and new bathroom Palmberg Development & Construction LLC

8/24/17 Gerald Miller 645 Marine Drive $16,900 Replace rooftop unit Diamond Heating Inc

8/28/17 055 Marine Dr LLC 240 10th Street $500 Hanging sign Not provided

8/31/17 JC Penney Co #109-9 1343 Commercial Street $28,000 Interior alterations Bayley Construction LP

8/31/17 Dirty D LLC 2997 Marine Drive $2,500 repair stairway Dirty D LLC

9/06/17 Michael Allen 205 12th Street $42,166 reroof building and new deck Weatherguard Inc A Corp of Washington

9/8/17 Port of Astoria 75 Pier 2 $85,000 Add loading dock Bergeman Enterprises Inc

9/8/17 Richard Krueger 2890 Waterfront Street $3,000 Sign permit Red Dwarf Graphx Inc

9/12/17 Not provided 1030 Franklin Avenue $30,000 Restore interior Apts 1,5 &6 Robert Lockett

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