Date Type Address Value Description Contractor

10/3/17 Building 33883 Hwy 26, Seaside $2,000 Kitchen remodel Amy Ekstrom

10/5/17 Building 43032 Valley Creek Lane, Astoria $0.00 Demo motor home William Calvin Gates

10/9/17 Building 33963 Coles Lane, Seaside $38,569 Carport Patrick Nolan

10/11/17 Building 36417 River Point Drive, Astoria $1,750 Solar installation Stan and Carina Tussing

10/11/17 Building 41205 Old Hwy 30, Astoria $1,200 Solar roof mount Not provided

10/11/17 Dwelling 40598 Old Hwy 30, Astoria $169,075 Single family dwelling Not provided

10/13/17 Building 38108 Labiske Lane, Astoria $129,859 2 Bay shop James Morinville

10/16/17 Dwelling 91690 Youngs River Road, Astoria $335,000 Single family dwelling LJ Allen Construction LLC

10/17/17 Building 33252 Silverspot Lane, Astoria $50,000 Replace truss and porch addition Beach Construction

10/17/17 Building 89825 Surf Pines Landing Drive, Warrenton $76,963 Master suite and office addition Steve Ackley

10/17/17 Building 89877 Surf Pines Landing Drive, Warrenton $10,000 Rot repair HTA Properties LLC

10/18/17 Building 39814 Burnside Loop, Astoria $18,036 Detached garage Knappa Platt LLC

10/18/17 Dwelling 39814 Burnside Loop, Astoria $108,000 Single family dwelling Knappa Platt LLC

10/18/17 Building 90469 Lewis Road, Warrenton $66,830 Pole barn Kenney and Sons

10/18/17 Building 88854 Dellmoor Loop, Warrenton $34,900 Tractor garden shed shop Brian Radditz

10/18/17 Building 89961 Lewis & Clark Road, Astoria $102,816 Pole building Craig D Lazeri

10/19/17 Building 42088 Hillcrest Loop, Astoria $51,408 Replace shop M & W Building Supply

10/19/17 Building 92330-92326 Taylorville Road, Westport $5,000 Anchors for new saw log Harder Mechanical Contractor

10/23/17 Dwelling 79818 Cannon Road, Arch Cape $460,000 Single family dwelling Darr M Tindall Trust

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