Date Type Address Value Description Contractor

02/13/17 Dwelling Loukas, Astoria $394,697 Single family dwelling Meadows 156 LLC

02/13/17 Dwelling 89535 Shady Pine Road, Warrenton $680,000 Single family dwelling Steve Ackley

02/02/17 Building 75957 Hwy 202, Birkenfeld $60,000 Raise foundation Bergeman Inc

02/08/17 Building 81732 Christmas Tree Road, Seaside $10,000 Basement remodel Chojnacki Memodeling LLC

02/14/17 Building 41214 Kampy lane, Seaside Not provided Reroof single family residence Marks Custom Exteriors

02/17/17 Building 73987 Hwy 202, Clatskanie $51,414 Shop building Randall Trass Construction

02/27/17 Building 91926 Hwy 104, Warrenton $30,000 Finish basement Kinney and Sons

02/27/17 Building 92785 Knappa Dock Road, Astoria $30,845 24x36 pole building Craig Goozee

02/27/17 Building 93502-93504 Knappa Dock Road, Astoria $5,700 Reroof addition Gary Ziak

02/27/17 Building 92267 Whiskey road, Warrenton $4,500 Alter shower to include tub Burt Young


Date Type Address Value Description Contractor

02/13/17 Building 34706 Production Lane, Seaside $26,946 Tenant shop facility Steel and Timber Construction and Fabrication

02/16/17 Building Hwy 26 and Saddle Mtn, Seaside $52,000 T-Mobile adding equipment Not provided

02/27/17 Building 72875 Tillamook Head Road, Seaside $45,000 Verizon modify cell tower Not provided

02/27/17 Building 38410 Hwy 30, Astoria $1,000 Unit #22 demolition Clean Sweep Maintenance, Inc

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