Coastie offers emergency-preparedness products, service

Firefighter, police officer, paramedic and current U.S. Coast Guard member Blake Hudson, 33, has had a lifetime of experience in helping people. Hudson sells affordable, all-in-one emergency preparedness kits with hopes to better prepare people in the event of a natural disaster. “I truly want people to be ready,” Hudson said. His kits are available at

A former firefighter EMT, police officer and paramedic, Blake Hudson has based his life around helping people. Today, Hudson brings awareness and affordability to emergency preparedness kits through his online business.

“In the event of an earthquake or a tsunami, and you have to leave your home quickly, it gives you an all-in-one bag,” Hudson said holding a bag he keeps reserved for his family of four, “It has shelter, food, water, medical equipment and other tools that you would need. Wherever you end up for a few days you can sustain yourself and your family with just what’s in that bag.” In January, Hudson began selling the kits online. First offering family kits, but he has since expanded to include custom orders. The 33-year-old entrepreneur is hopeful to establish a physical store after finishing in the military.

A career based around helping people culminated with the emergency preparedness kits Hudson considers an essential addition to any household.

“I’ve been in the public service since I was 18-years-old. My career was always with helping other people,” said Hudson said who moved from West Memphis, Arkansas to Ilwaco, Washington in August 2014 to assume duties with the Coast Guard stationed at Cape Disappointment.

“When I got here, the big topic was the earthquake, the Cascadia Subduction Zone, everyone was talking about it. It just got me to thinking about the lack of preparedness around, things that everyday families may not think about. So I got into this business,” Hudson said, adding that he officially opened his online business in January 2016.

The primary source for items in the kits is Guardian Survivor Gear based in Boise, Idaho. For now, sales are online only.

“Once I get out of the military, I plan on opening a physical store where I’ll start maintaining an inventory and packaging kits,” Hudson said.

While Hudson concedes there are similar kits available online, he feels these kits offer the most while maintaining the lowest price possible.

“I truly want people to be ready. It’s such an important thing, whether it’s a earthquake or whatever type of disaster. It’s just so important for people to be ready. I keep my prices low so anyone can afford one of these kits,” he said.

The kits can be customized to each individual needs and length of sustainability. Individual items can be purchased separately on the website. There are about 25 different kits to choose from and they are built to last.

“The food has a 25 year shelf-life. And they’re surprisingly good!” said Hudson who’s sampled several of the dishes during camping trips with family. Most of the preparing is as simple as pouring boiling water in a bag. The result ranges from creamy chicken pasta to cookies. So far, the pre-made kits have been the most popular item for Hudson who is hopeful to expand from an internet-based business to a local brick-and-mortar building down the road. For more information, or to view kits visit

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