La Luna Loca gets a makeover

Kathy Kleczek

CANNON BEACH — Apparel and decor store La Luna Loca got a makeover in January, including a brighter paint scheme and improved flow.

Owner Kathy Kleczek incorporated colors from the Astoria shop.

“That space will always feel a lot different because it’s smaller with the lower ceilings, but we wanted to brighten it up and bring in some of the elements we’ve used here as well,” she said.

Work on the Cannon Beach (107 N. Hemlock) store began on Jan. 19 and continued through Jan. 27. The shop reopened on Jan. 28.

Product lines are continually evolving, she said, and that will remain the same.

“I design most of the things, so we’ll continue with that,” she said. “We’ve got a good base that our customers come back for, but we’ve got new and fresh things as well.”

Her products come with a fair trade ethic she said. “We work directly with the artisans.”

In mid-January Kleczek was preparing to leave for Bali and Thailand to work on new styles and tweak some previous styles.

She reports her first full year in the Astoria location (382 12th St.) was successful.

“Astoria’s been a really wonderful community,” she said. “It’s been fun to be up here and get to know people…. We love being in the Liberty Theater building, and its 90th birthday and 10th reopening anniversary — we’re glad to be part of that.”

Kleczek employs six part-timers between the two stores; most circulate between the two shops.

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