SEASIDE — Linda Lawson brings her life coaching services to Seaside, but you can reach her from just about anywhere there’s a phone or a web camera.

Lawson’s business,, helps people making transitions in life. It involves a lot of listening, she said.

And that can be done in person, over the phone or by Skype.

“Most of the time we know what we really want to do, we just don’t have the courage to do it,” she said.

Everybody has blind spots and coaches help you see past them, she added. A 45-minute session is typical. The client decides what they want to work on.

A coach is more of a confidant, Lawson said. Someone who holds you accountable in a trusting way, but not judgmental.

You don’t have to have big issues, sometimes small issues can hold you up.

“If you see yourself repeating patterns, the people change but the pattern’s still there, that’s a good sign that you’re not able to see what the blind spot is,” she said.

Lawson relates her own personal pattern of being late.

“No matter how much I was trying, I just wasn’t getting myself to change that pattern,” she said.

She said talking it out with someone helped quite a bit. Just recognizing the pattern gets you three-quarters of the way there.

“Because of the work I do I was able to work through it pretty quickly in that session to know what steps to take and where to go with that.”

You’d be surprised how efficient it is, she said.

“There are things that people can work through that are quite simple to maybe things that are quite wounding, it just depends on the coach’s experience, what they bring to it themselves.”

Lawson is available for online classes, and she facilitates workshops and retreats. She offers free coaching hours for volunteers and staff at The Harbor, an organization that helps people in abusive relationships.

For more information, call Lawson at 720-301-3993 or contact her by Skype at Skype-linda.lawson.

Linda Lawson

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