“I started collecting dead animals and putting them in my freezer. I felt like there was a purpose for them other than just roadkill. I got to the point where there were too many and I needed to do something with them. I then thought I could recycle them through taxidermy.”

“About a freezer full.”

“A raccoon, possum, mice, rats, squirrels — lots of rodents.”

“A raccoon.”


“I grew up in upstate New York, then moved to Astoria when I was 10.”

“Yes, first I took a six hour class at Paxton Gate in Portland. Three years later I went to school at Advanced Taxidermy Training Center of NW Montana in Thompson Falls, Montana. There were six people in the class, a lot of one-on-one time. They taught us how to do everything. We did nine animals in six and a half weeks.”

“I do. I think it’s becoming something that’s for everybody.”

“It was definitely predominantly male, but there were three girls.”

“Definitely. I think females bring delicateness, attention to detail and lots of care. In my class, a lot of guys got really frustrated — they would just start sweating. But I never get super stressed. It was interesting to see personalities of people doing taxidermy.”

“The eyes. When you look at an animal, a lot of communication comes from the eyes.”

“I really like smaller animals. I also want to do pets for people.”

“Usually around $200 for plaques, rugs about $400 and game heads ranging from $450 to $700. There are some things I do for $100. I want people to be able to afford the art.”

“I love doing the eyes. When they’re set in place and you can just look at them and they almost look like they’re looking back at you. I love making things look beautiful and alive indefinitely.”

“My older brother, Josh. He works on art and is my best friend. He’s always encouraging me to do what I love to do and pushes me.”

“I want to do a three-headed mouse on a rat body, that’s my next plan. I want to eventually have an oddities store where I’m creating constantly.”

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