New owners take reins at Long Beach Tavern

Jim and Carol Major purchased the Long Beach Tavern in June. The couple from Lebanon, Ore., had been looking to relocate to the Peninsula for years.

LONG BEACH — For the past two years, the Majors were searching for a way to stay. “Every time we got up here we didn’t want to go home,” Carol Major said. “We were seeking some sort of business.” In June, the Majors signed off on the perfect opportunity and purchased the Long Beach Tavern being permanent residents on the Peninsula.

The bar has been a mainstay at 305 Pacific Avenue since it was constructed in 1966 as popular place to order a pizza or play pool. The friendliness from the community and customers has been their favorite part so far.

“It’s a ‘Cheers’ kind of bar,” said Jim, “Everyone knows everybody’s name, just a real friendly place — and that’s what we want to keep.” Minor changes to the menu and upgrades to the kitchen are anticipated in the future, but the Majors plan to keep the friendly ambiance all the while.

“Down the road, we want to remodel the kitchen completely,” Carol said. “But for the most part, it’s going to stay the same bar, same atmosphere.”

Pizza is the most popular item on a menu that includes typical pub fare such as hamburgers, fish and chips and tacos.

“We didn’t realize how popular the pizza was,” Jim said. “We get a lot of ‘to go’ orders from families.” Peculiar items such as “chicken balls,” can also be purchased. “They are like a little chicken cordon blue with ham and cheese inside,” said Carol.

Prior to taking the reigns of the tavern, Jim worked as a general contractor and Carol was a dental assistant while living in Lebanon, Ore. With little hospitality experience between them, the Majors have largely leaned on their 12 full-time staff to learn the business and cooking aspects.

“We have a great staff, most have been here for many years,” Jim said. “They’ve been able to coach us on things.”

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