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Kathleen Dudley

SEASIDE — Courtney Cram took over Thrifty Furniture at 1525 S. Roosevelt as of Nov. 6. She bought the repurposed furniture store from Sarah and Jimmy Paiz. She plans continue to offer repurposed furniture but will be adding other items. It’s not a thrift store, she said. The items are higher quality. 503-470-9869

CANNON BEACH — Greg Swedenborg of The Waves Cannon Beach reports reservations for the Dec. 19 through Jan. 5 period are on pace to exceed 2013 bookings by 20 to 30 percent. The numbers were up 6 percent as of Dec. 3 with two and a half weeks to go, he said. “It’s not scientific,” he said. “I’ve just been crunching the numbers.”

LONG BEACH — Union Station Products moved its operations from Memphis, Tenn., to Long Beach recently. The company mills model railroad passenger car sides and sells kits online. Mark Meeks operates the company out of his home and ships across the United States and around the world. He serves as conductor, porter and brakeman for the company. “If I do something wrong I cuss myself out and go on from there.” He came to the Northwest to escape the sweltering heat of Memphis. For more information log on to

SEASIDE — Kathleen Dudley opened Wholistic Reflexology early this month, operating out of Seaside Yoga, 609 Broadway. She’s returning to the Pacific Northwest after 20 years in the high desert of New Mexico. Reflexology operates on the principal of applying pressure to specific points on the feet, hands or face. Dudley concentrates on the feet. Stimulating pressure points increases blood flow to specific organs, she said. It helps with chronic conditions and speeds recovery after illness or injury. Call 503-717-5129 for an appointment.

US Bancorp Foundation donated $2,500 to Assistance League of the Columbia Pacific on November 4. ALCP is a nonprofit, strictly volunteer organization dedicated to providing new clothing for schoolchildren in need throughout Clatsop County. During the 2013/2014 school year, ALCP assisted in dressing 594 children with the help of grants and donations and with the continued support from so many businesses and individuals in our area, said Pat Rothenberger, ALCP public relations chair. Anyone interested in donations to or joining ALCP, can contact any member or visit .

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