CANNON BEACH — Steven and MaryAnn Sinkler are preparing to uncork their latest venture, Provisions 124, a companion shop to their established business, The Wine Shack.

Customers have been asking for cheese and meat trays, Steven Sinkler said. The shop will feature products that go with wine.

“Locally made cheeses, breads, meats, olive oils, vinegars and grab-and-go beach foods,” he said.

Look for local sushi, summer rolls, falafels, hummus and chocolates, he added.

“I think there’s a big need for it,” he said.

They began renovating the 500-square-foot space next door to The Wine Shack in February.

The floors will be refinished and the lighting will be upgraded, Sinkler said. The carpet in the Wine Shack will be replaced with hardwood to match the floor next door.

They’re going to add tabletops to the porch railings outside so customers can enjoy a glass of wine and a plate of cheese outside when the weather allows. They’re going to change access to the building as well. They’re adding steps off the end of the porch to the sidewalk.

“Right now people kind of have to walk around the patio up the stairs,” he said.

The new sidewalk will lead directly off the main sidewalk up to the business.

The Sinklers plan tastings in the new space. They already host wine tastings upstairs at the wine Shack on Saturdays and hope Provisions 124 will draw the crowds as well.

“We expect that we’ll do cheese tastings or oil and vinegar tastings or whatever products we have available,” he said. “And we plan to bring in the producers, bring in the farmers, the sausage makers and have them stand right there, kind of like a winemaker does when they pour their wine for people. And have them talk about their cheeses, and have the baker talk about their bread. We think that local connection is really going to resonate with our customers.”

They’re adding a beverage cooler for local high-end beers and ciders. Sinkler wants to carry seasonal selections made in small batches.

The Sinklers target April for their opening date. They want to work out any kinks in the system before the summer rush hits.

The budget for the project is about $15,000 for renovations and additional equipment. The Sinklers are banking on the investment paying off.

“If we do it well, we’ll be successful,” Sinkler said.

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