Homeport: Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc.

Builder: J.H. Boat works

Year built: 2008

Owner: The Nisbets / Goose Point Oyster

Captain: Francisco Meliton

Length: 45 feet

Beam: 16 feet

Draft: 3 feet

Cruising speed: 2 to 8 knots with the main engine

Main engines: 350HP

Number of crew: 3 with captain

Cargo capacity: 125K lbs.

Fuel capacity: 1,000 gallons

This oyster dredge is a composite construction of steel hull, stainless deck and aluminum wheelhouse. She carries seed bags, plants, transplants, and harrows, dredges and picks tubs of oysters.

Goose Point boats are named after the Nisbet’s daughters and named according to the different personality types of each one. The Nancy N is named after the third daughter. It fits the boat’s personality: bigger, faster, and stronger, Kathleen Nisbet-Moncy explains. Nancy is the toughest daughter and her namesake would have to be a tough steel boat.

The Nancy N is highly maneuverable, powerful and carries a lot of weight. Her ¼-inch stainless steel decks are tough and durable, Nisbet-Moncy said. She can be out working in all weather and oftentimes is the only boat that will work through storms because of her shear strength. She has a 1,000 gallon saltwater ballast tank midship that can be pumped down when the boat is empty so dredging is very stable in rough conditions.

Meliton says he loves everything about the boat. It’s like his second home.

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