SEASIDE — Owners of the Seaside’s newest frozen treat shop hope to lure visitors just a few steps off Broadway for the intense flavors of homemade gelato.

Margot and Tracy Nye opened Sea Star Gelato on Presidents Day weekend in February. He makes it all from scratch and even handles the pasteurization, Margot Nye said.

“That’s how we’re a little different from our neighbors,” she said.

Sea Star also offers paninis for those who want a light meal before dessert.

For visitors unfamiliar with gelato, don’t worry; you’re not alone, she said.

The main difference between, ice cream and gelato is the fat content, Nye said. Ice cream is very high in fat. Gelato has less than half the fat, with more milk than cream and no eggs, she said.

“When you eat ice cream the fat coats your tongue and masks the taste buds,” she said.

You don’t get that with gelato, so the flavor is more intense. Gelato is slow churned, so it’s more dense because it has less air in it.

Tracy makes the gelato fresh using organic ingredients and no preservatives, she said. It’s made every day or every other day. The shop also offers sorbet for vegans.

They’re working on a special treat using a brioche lined with Nutella or chocolate that holds a scoop of gelato.

“I picture the dad driving home after the weekend,” she said. “That will be kind of unique; kind of like cake and gelato.”

Tracy’s still trying to find the right brioche for the product, but it looks promising.

They come to Seaside from Boise where they had a couple of restaurants. They had a full juice bar and did events. Their wraps were popular as was the gelato.

They had a place in Seaside and decided they wanted to live here permanently.

They opened with little fanfare in their space between Norma’s Steakhouse and the Crabby Oyster. Tracy was excited to get the doors open, she said.

Business has been OK considering they did no marketing, she added.

“Not everybody’s finding us,” she admits. “Everybody’s ingrained on Broadway.”

They hope to partner with hotels and other businesses to help get the word out about their shop. Their Facebook page can be found by searching for Sea Star Gelato.

The Nyes expect to hire on two or three helpers to get through the summer. They’ve been talking to some students.

Sea Star Gelato is at 8 N. Columbia. Current hours are noon to 8 p.m. seven days a week with extended hours in the summer.

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