LONG BEACH — Pacific County’s jobless rate of 7.4 percent in August was the lowest in any month since September 2008.

The August rate compares to 7.7 percent in July and 8.6 percent in August 2014. The statewide jobless rate in August was 5.0 percent and the national rate was 5.2 percent.

ASTORIA — Clatsop County’s employment picture remains stable at 5.9 percent joblessness in August, essentially the same as it has been for several months but noticeably better than a year earlier when it was 6.6 percent.

Oregon’s stateside jobless rate was 6.1 percent in August.

ASTORIA — The Astoria Visual Artists annual meeting is Saturday, Oct. 17, starting at 11 a.m. at the Fort George Lovell Showroom, 1483 Duane St. Members will elect nominees for the AVA Governing Board.

AVA, a non-profit started in 1989, has played a significant part in encouraging Astoria’s success as a center for artists and galleries. Their website is at www.astoriavisualarts.org.

ASTORIA — Fallout continues in the wake of a now-stalled effort to merge former Astoria corporation Bumble Bee with competing canned tuna company Chicken of the Sea. Bumble Bee was founded in Astoria in 1899 as the Columbia River Packers Association.

This July, a grocery co-op filed a federal lawsuit alleging the two firms plus Starkist have engaged in unlawful price manipulations. The co-op’s attorney told the publication Corporate Crime Reporter, “what we found out was that tuna can sizes had decreased and prices had increased or remained stable during periods of time when skipjack [tuna] prices declined.” A federal investigation is underway.

Starkist controls 30 percent of the canned tuna market, Bumble Bee 28 percent and Chicken of the Sea 20 percent.

LONG BEACH — Tiffany Turner, 36, co-owner and CEO of the Inn at Discovery Coast, the Adrift Hotel & Spa, and Pickled Fish Restaurant in Long Beach and the Ashore Hotel in Seaside, was recognized with a 40 Under 40 Award from the Puget Sound Business Journal.

She and her husband Brady hope to expand beyond hotels and restaurants. One possibility is a distillery. Another is a recording studio that will complement the existing music venue at the Pickled Fish, where bookings are managed by The Decemberists founder and drummer Ezra Holbrook.

Turner also is one of four people seeking appointment to an expected vacancy in the Washington House of Representatives.

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