Renovation takes Long Beach hotel down to the shell

Even the doors are being replaced as the Cedars Inn gets a new name and a total overhaul.

LONG BEACH — Workers at the Cedars Inn are replacing pretty much everything including the kitchen sink in a renovation that will cost its new owners in excess of $500,000.

The 42-room hotel was purchased by Long Beach Hospitality Inc. in June 2013. co-General Manager Myron Barnum said the company initially planned to do a few projects, but after they took a closer look they decided to do a major makeover.

Barnum and his wife, Robin, live on site and operate the hotel.

“Basically everything other than the frame of the building — everything is going,” Barnum said. “Nothing staying in the hotel. We’re basically taking it down to its shell and redoing everything.”

The hotel was built in 1996 and has had some work done since, including paint.

“Of course the ugly green paint is going,” Barnum added. “When me and my wife first came here I told them, ‘If you’re not going to get rid of the green paint, we’re not staying,’” he said with a laugh.

The garish green has been a source of amusement for some locals and a sore thumb for others.

The hotel will be renamed the Inn At The Arch, a nod to the adjacent Long Beach landmark.

Barnum said the new owners entertained the possibility of becoming a franchise hotel such as Best Western, but they prefer to remain independent.

Crews have replaced the roof and are now replacing the siding and windows. That phase is expected to be completed in November.

Once the building is weathered in, crews will gut the guest rooms. New beds, furniture, refrigerators, microwaves, drapes, flooring and case goods await installation. Baths will get new fixtures and granite countertops.

Even the interior and exterior doors are being replaced. Each room will also get its own heating and cooling unit.

The hotel will rent out the owner’s suite on the third floor. It’s a two-bedroom, two-bath, corner apartment with a full kitchen and a spectacular view. The Barnums had the option of moving into it, but Barnum said they wanted something closer to the office.

“It was too much of a trek up and down the stairs,” he said.

They took the manager’s apartment instead.

Guests will enjoy an updated lobby with an expanded breakfast area, Barnum said. It will have room for a refrigerator and more tables.

Outside plans include a patio and a fire pit. The hotel may add a barbecue and a clam cleaning station.

The clam station is dependent on space.

“We’re running out of room back there, unfortunately,” Barnum said.

Herr and Associates of Ocean Park provided design for the hotel.

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