Sabra J’s moves next door

Richard Ortez and Chloe keep watch at Sabra J's Attic in Cannon Beach. The store moved next door in July.

CANNNON BEACH — Sabra J’s Attic still offers gifts, home decor and Gurgle Pots; you just have to take a few extra steps to the west to get there.

Diane Ortez sold the original store at 277 Beaver St. in June. The new owners are turning it into a coffee and antiques store, much like Sabra J’s was when Ortez opened it 16 years ago.

She and husband Richard reopened Sabra J’s next door at 275 Beaver St. on July 11.

The hardest part, she said, is, “people figure I’m gone.”

The store’s mission shifted away from espresso and antiques a few years ago when Richard suffered an injury. She phased out the coffee and antiques to focus on being a caregiver, she said.

She began carrying gurgle pots, a fish-shaped pitcher that makes a whimsical gurgling noise when you pour from it.

“The Gurgle Pots have been the greatest blessing,” she said.

Richard has become the Gurgle Pot king, selling 42 in one shot to one customer at one point.

“He takes it very seriously,” Diane said.

The store carries three sizes. Each one comes with a song sung by Richard and a history lesson of the pot.

Sabra J’s ships them all over the country. She recently sent one to Arizona. The buyer requested an autographed note from the Gurgle Pot king.

The Ortezes are still settling in to their new shop. It’s close to the same size as the other store, but with fewer windows, it leaves Diane more room for display.

Look for more items to come as they finish setting up.

Meanwhile next door, Harding Trading Co. prepares to open for business.

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