SEASIDE — Dawn Greenfield started collecting vintage clothing 35 years ago; with her husband’s support, in July she was able to open a store dedicated to her hobby.

“It happened that quickly,” she said. “Actually, it was a 35-year dream that happened overnight.”

Greenfield opened Nature’s Spirit at 821 Broadway in early July. It’s kind of a thrift store, kind of a boutique, she said.

While it’s a work in progress, with jewelry, clothing, and knick-knacks, Greenfield envisions a Plato’s Closet type place.

“Since I’ve had to drive teens to Portland and Vancouver several times to go to those sort of places it would be nice if we had one here,” she said.

The store has nine people consigning items in the shop.

“The name, Nature’s Spirit, embodies reusing things, recycling things, finding a different purpose for things,” Greenfield said. “Maybe it used to be a statue, now it’s going to be in a collage or they’re going to cut it up and make some art piece out of it.”

All clothing is inspected before it goes on the rack, she said. No stains or missing buttons.

Many of the tchotchkes are from the estates of relatives. Some is from her grandmother’s home.

Life magazines from 1970 preserve the history of the era: “Skier Bill Kidd, America’s First Gold Medal Winner,” reads the headline on one. Engelbert Humperdink and Tom Jones were the top pop stars of their day and dominated the cover of another Life issue.

The mailing labels with her grandmother’s Las Vegas address add to the charm of the collectible magazines.

“Everything in here has a story,” Greenfield said.

In August she sold the wedding dress her grandmother Esther wore to a woman who was going to get married in the dress.

“When I said that name she freaked out and said that her grandma’s name is Esther,” Greenfield said. “She was just saying that she wished her grandma could be at the wedding, and then she walked in here and got a wedding dress from Esther.”

The store is open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday through October.

Greenfield hopes locals will check out the shop, located next to the new Nonni’s Italian Bistro, once the seasonal rush slows down. Contact her at 503-171-9333 or

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