WARRENTON — Safe Harbor Animal Hospital hopes to move into its new home later this month, as the old Pirate’s Cove General Store transforms into a veterinary office.

Melanie Haase, DVM, owner of the hospital, said the projected move-in date is Oct. 22. She’s hoping for Oct. 29 for a soft opening.

Haase is investing about $100,000 remodeling the building. Plus she’s been putting in long hours knocking down walls, cleaning up and even cutting the grass to get the site ready for the move from Astoria.

She hasn’t purchased the building, but has a two-year lease option.

The “porthole” section, which is about 4,200 square feet, will become the hospital, Haase said. The long covered patio area will eventually become retail and, possibly in the future, a grooming and maybe doggy daycare facility, she said.

“I am hoping to get the remodel on Phase 2 in the spring,” she said, “so the retail area can be open by summer.”

Safe Harbor has two full-time and one-part time employees. She plans to add another full-time position and another part-timer.

“I would also like to add another part time doctor initially who then will work up to full time,” she said.

The new hospital will have an additional exam room. Haase has added a therapeutic Companion Laser to the equipment.

“I am very excited about out new laser. It is already helping some of our older animals become more comfortable with their arthritis without the side effects of drug therapy,” she said.

The hospital will continue to offer digital X-rays, dental procedures, in-house blood work, full pharmacy, complete surgical suite and preventative medicine and vaccinations.

The hospital will be keeping its phone number, 503-325-8920.

Rickenbach Construction is handling renovations on the building at 701 NW Warrenton Dr. (U.S. 101).

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