What inspired you to start this service?

“I was with a friend and he told me that he made an agreement with his kids that if we got a dog that they would pick up the s--- for it, and they didn’t. And I said I bet that’s a common problem. And he said he wished he could pay someone to come out and clean it up. I bartend and they cut me back for the winter so I pursued the poop-scooping idea.”

How many customers do you have?

“I have eight so far. It’s all been residential yards.”

How do you find customers?

“When I see turds outside, I see business opportunities. If I see a bunch of dog poop in their yard, I put a flyer in their driveway. I told some friends about it, posted on some community boards on Facebook and passed out flyers. There’s a lot of funny marketing opportunities. I’ve been calling it Poo Poo Pick Up. Another suggestion I considered was Tootsie Roll Patrol.”

What’s been the response so far?

“So far, so good. It’s always funny and that’s half the reason I’m doing it. And the people really like it. They love that the poop is out of their yard and all they have to do it write a little check. Everyone I’ve done it for has had me come back the next month.”

Who are your customers?

“A lot of people who have big dogs and small yards use the service because it adds up a lot quicker, families with kids who don’t want to do it, people that hate dog poop, but love their pets. I assume there’s people out there who are physically unable to do this job and would love to pay someone else to do it.”

What’s the dirtiest part of your job?

“It usually goes good but there have been a few poo puddles I slipped and almost went down in. I wear really grippy boats that get a lot of dog poop in them, but the worst is when my gloves or bag rips and I have to use my bare hands to pick up the poo. It’s not too bad until I’ve done about eight yards or if I have a big bag of poop. It starts to smell a little bit. Taking lunch breaks in the middle is not ideal. Afterwards I always go right to the shower.”

It looks like you have some unique tools?

“I invented this. The bag was always sticking together so I put it in an old fishing net. It keeps the bag open so I can just drop the poo in.”

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