Date Owner Address Valuation Work Description Contractor

12/19 Debra Dunagen 1239 Duane St $35,880 Install new roofing Dr Roof Inc

12/19 Wesley Ginther 1463 8th St $400 Add railing to basement stairs Aaron Ginther

12/26 Christy Coulombe 737 Jerome Ave N/A Fix burst pipe Alpha Environmental Services Inc

12/26 Eric Paulson Trustee 208 W Lexington Ave N/A Grinder pump installation JP Plumbing Company

12/26 Tiffany Boothe 2609 Irving Ave $155,000 New single family dwelling True Built Home Inc

12/27 John and Kimberly Postlewalte 171 W Bond St $35,000 Exterior alterations Hazen Construction LLC

12/31 Greater OR Behavioral Health Inc 605 Agate St $1,800 Gas lines for 4 tankless water heaters Terry Plumbing LLC

12/31 2911 Marine LLC 2911 Marine Dr $2,000 Projecting sign on Marine Dr Red Dwarf Graphx Inc

01/02 Stephanie Robinson 1170 Harrison Ave N/A Install 2 gas fireplaces Heating Solutions LLC

01/02 Mathew Waldmann 729 Irving Ave N/A Install new gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

01/03 Charnell Waller 3088 Harrison Ave $5,000 Replace gas furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/04 Schwietert Enterprises V LLC 1210 Marine Dr N/A Install bathroom fixtures JP Plumbing Company

01/04 Jack and Shirley Temple 313 Oregon St N/A 40' sewer replacement Terry's Plumbing LLC

01/04 Jennifer Parsons 411 51st St $3,960 Chimney repair Joseph Michael Herman

01/07 Jessamyn West 1015 Commercial St N/A Install 2 toilets JP Plumbing Company

01/08 ETU Inc 632 Marine Dr $1,100 Install fire sprinkler system Cosco Fire Protection Inc

01/09 Copeland Bloc LLC 1164 Commercial St $9,700 Window restoration Pacific Window Restoration LLC

01/09 Lorraine Vera Gimre 229 14th St $27,500 Replace windows and doors Pacific Window Restoration LLC

01/11 Peter and Ginny Larson 179 Kensington Ave N/A Install 2 showers and tub valve, relocate lav JP Plumbing Company

01/11 Mark C Breidenbach 500 Duane St N/A Dryer vent and bath fan Shawn Helligso Construction Inc

01/15 Elizabeth Haydock 3633 Franklin Ave $4,250 Furnace replacement P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/16 Collins Bradford 1840 5th St N/A Install gas stove and vent pipe New Energy Inc

01/16 Astoria Labor Temple Inc 934 Duane St N/A Mop sink-pipe, hose bib in basement JP Plumbing Company

01/16 Kimberly Barrows 1585 4th St $1,500 Install gas piping to dryer P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/16 John and Tania Hellingson 143 Kensington Ave $500 Install 20 ft gas pipe P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/17 Historic Renovation LLC 936 Commercial St $3,500 Projecting sign Owner

01/18 Diann Renee Caldwell 88 W Grand Ave $4,698 Gas furnace change out Diamond Heating Inc

01/22 Russell and Lorelei Horn 461 W Marine Dr $5,400 Replacement of two wall furnaces Blue Water Inc

01/22 Carol Lindstrom 815 Clatsop Ave $2,695 Install gas insert, run chimney liner and gas line Diamond Heating Inc

01/23 Patricia Lupton 221 Lincoln St $10,000 Replace furnace, fireplace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/24 Linda J Yeager 759 29th St $2,200 Bathroom remodel, redo drain and lav drain Coastal Maintenance and Plumbing LLC

01/24 Renee and Donovan Gustafson 1307 Madison Ave $6,000 Install gas fireplace insert P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/25 Reino and Jacquee Mattila 404 S Denver St N/A Gas piping for generator Renaud Electric Company Inc

01/25 Stewart Bell 240 Lincoln St $6,000 Replace gas furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/28 Charlies Chophouse LLC 1335 Marine Dr $2,900 4' wall and small glass non-structural room Ron Neva

01/28 Mickki Langston 759 29th St $9,500 Move interior wall, replace drain pipes, install light fixtures Owner

01/28 Keith and Linda Pinkstaff 1204 Alameda Ave $5,000 Replace gas furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/28 Susan Olson 133 Lexington Ave $3,800 Replace gas fireplace Blue Water Inc

01/28 Rebecca Duffy 340 South St $5,000 Replace gas furnace P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

01/28 Claudia Bowman 2652 Grand Ave N/A Replace sewer Terrys Plumbing LLC

01/29 Bradley and Cynthia Johnston 2828 Grand Ave $3,300 Install wood stove Blue Water Inc

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