Arrow No. 2


Mark Schacher



Year built:

1959 to 1962

Ship builder:

Hull built by Nichols Boat Works of Hood River, finished by the Arrow Tug and Barge Company of Astoria 


2008 Caterpillar Marine C-18 in-line six cylinder with a Reintjes Marine Reduction Gear of 2.4-1 rated at 615 horsepower with 2300 pounds of torque at max rpm.


53 feet

Hull Material:


Hull Breadth:

14 feet

Gross Tonnage:



10 gallons of fuel an hour at 8 knots with maximum consumption of 37 gallons an hour at full power when pushing


The Arrow No. 2 was a pilot boat for about 50 years before it was retired and transformed into a boat for waterfront tours.

“I had always thought about doing some type of river tour, and when I found out this boat was surplus, I thought it would be the perfect boat for it,” said Mark Schacher, the current owner and operator. “It was built for the Lower Columbia River to do exactly what it did for 50 years. So it's heavy and comfortable and handles the river really well. I just thought this piece of our history should be saved.”

Schacher and his wife had one of their first dates on the Arrow No. 2.

“Every time I met someone and I wanted an out-of-the-way day, I would see who was running the pilot boat,” Schacher said. “So she's got an emotional connection to the boat too. And it’s just so iconic because it worked in front of Astoria for 50 years. Every day you saw it six or seven times on the waterfront going up and down and meeting the ships on their way in and out of the river. So we just thought it would be a perfect boat for doing waterfront tours and interpreting the area’s history.”

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