As a multimedia journalist, I look forward to creating more videos to bring you closer to the stories of local businesses in an engaging way. For this edition of the business journal, you can see two videos at

One goes with this month’s Meet the Merchant question and answer profile, which is about father and son Scott and Andrew Thompson of Blackberry Bog Farm. As my birthday is on Halloween, I’ve always been a huge fan of the holiday and all the festive things that go with it, especially pumpkins and sweet treats. For the adorable Highland cows at Blackberry Bog Farm, pumpkins are a sweet treat, and it was so fun to watch as the Thompsons smashed a pumpkin on the ground and hand-fed pieces of it to the cows. Check it out in the video.

The other video goes with the Boat of the Month feature, which highlights Arrow No. 2, a former pilot boat that now takes visitors on historic tours of the waterfront. I was lucky enough to tag along on a ride, take in the gorgeous views from the Columbia River and watch as a friend of the captain threw recreational crab traps into the water. As we made our way along the river, the September Boat of the Month, Pilot Boat Astoria, passed by and showed off with a 360-degree turn as I filmed and waved hello. It really does seem like a giant jet ski.

But as much as I love the videos and other digital content, I also appreciate the feeling of flipping the pages of the paper itself. This month, the business journal covers a variety of pertinent issues.

Thankfully the record-setting wildfires and smoky days of mid-September are mostly a memory, but we look back on how the smoke and fires affected our local businesses, and explore how business owners could potentially plan for future fire seasons. The trend of remote working during COVID-19 is bringing an influx of new residents to the coast, exacerbating the already-tight housing market.

Meanwhile, the Wauna Mill in Clatskanie has been busy producing bath tissue and paper towels — hot commodities during COVID — to be purchased in local markets and big box stores here and all around the West Coast.

I’m honored to be the new editor of Coast River Business Journal and I’m excited to share the stories of our local businesses here on the North Coast and Long Beach Peninsula. Please feel free to reach out to me with business-related announcements and story ideas at I hope you all have a wonderful October and a happy Halloween!

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