Emily Lindblom

Emily Lindblom is the new editor of the Coast River Business Journal.

Emily Lindblom landed a job in March as a page designer with EO Media, owner of The Astorian, and relocated from Portland. Within a few weeks, she had lost her job to the coronavirus pandemic along with millions of other Americans.

Lindblom stuck it out, though, came back part-time and was recently named the new editor of EO Media’s monthly Coast River Business Journal, a position into which she hopes to parlay her multimedia journalism experience to create a more forward-thinking business monthly.

Lindblom will assign and produce, pitch and edit news stories, design pages and organize marketing events. She reports to Matt Winters, publisher of the business journal and the editor of EO Media’s Pacific County, Washington, newspaper, The Chinook Observer.

“It seems like the new direction for it is to be sharper and newsier and have more dynamic entry points, like data and charts, and breakout boxes, while keeping the business aspect of it,” she said of the business journal.

A Missouri native, Lindblom grew up in Lake Oswego wanting to be a writer. While attending Willamette University in Salem, she saw a job listing for interns at her hometown newspaper, the Lake Oswego Review, and took a chance for a summer job.

“I ended up loving it,” she said. “I just found I really enjoyed interviewing people, learning about the community and sharing people’s stories.”

Lindblom earned a bachelor’s degree in creative writing from Willamette, taking all the possible journalism classes and writing for the student newspaper, The Willamette Collegian. She was accepted to the Charles Snowden Program for Excellence in Journalism, spending a summer at the News-Register in McMinnville.

After graduation, Lindblom spent her first 2 1/2 years in her first full-time job as the business, natural resources and outdoors reporter at The News-Review in Roseburg. The experience opened her eyes to rural Oregon, she said, with the interests of loggers, landowners and environmentalists all intertwining in the forests.

“I thought it was fun to connect all three together, because they’re so intertwined out there — also here, as well,” she said. “Business, outdoor recreation and the environment are such big parts of rural Oregon, and so I really grew passionate about those topics.”

After The News-Review, Lindblom moved to Portland and earned a master’s degree in multimedia journalism from the University of Oregon. As a communications assistant there, she produced videos, photography and written stories, while marketing and rebuilding a website for the university’s Portland campus.

Late last year, Lindblom began remotely writing stories for The Astorian. She had long wanted to move to the North Coast, where her family has had a beach house in Gearhart for generations.

She and her husband, Joseph Lindblom-Masuwale, a commercial truck driver, recently bought a house in Warrenton. In her off time, Lindblom has mostly been exploring the outdoors and nearby businesses on Main Avenue, cautious about the coronavirus.

“I’m excited for when COVID is over, so I can explore more of the indoor places too, including restaurants,” she said. “But right now, I've been doing a lot of hiking and seeing what’s out here.”

Lindblom continues designing pages for The Seaside Signal and Coast Weekend, two of EO Media’s coastal papers. She has also produced videos for The Astorian, such as a piece about how humans and elk coexist in the Clatsop Plains. This month is her first at the helm of the business journal.

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