Hanthorn Cannery Foundation

The Hanthorn Cannery Foundation is seeking vendors for the new Hanthorn Cannery Market.

Pier 39 in Astoria will soon be home to a market with vendors selling hand-crafted products in the spirit of the area’s history of fishing and canning. The Hanthorn Cannery Market is slated to run from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays starting May 1, and the Hanthorn Cannery Foundation is currently looking for vendors to apply.

Peter Marsh, executive director of the nonprofit Hanthorn Cannery Foundation, said the covered space will be able to accommodate enough booths to create a good atmosphere, with a roof overhead and windows to view the river. Visitors will be able to park on a nearby street and walk across the pier.

Since the Hanthorn Cannery museum on the pier highlights the old-style craft of canning by hand, Marsh said the market will also emphasize handmade crafts like woodwork, fabric, pottery and other items that are made traditionally.

Cyndi Mudge, a consultant helping to establish the market, added that other businesses, including those selling food items or nautical-related products are welcome as well. She said she’d be happy to hear from business owners who have questions or want to pitch an idea.

“It will bring more traffic to the east end of town, to the museum and businesses on the pier,” Marsh said. “For me it’s also about the cannery museum and enjoying the history of the pier. The museum is fun to see and it has a fun atmosphere.”

Construction of the pier originally started in 1875, and having the museum and businesses on the pier have helped preserve it over time.

Mudge said she’s excited about the market.

“It’s going to help the foundation and bring more attention to the museum on Pier 39,” Mudge said. “What (Pier 39 owner Floyd Holcom) has done to that pier is just amazing.”

Booth fees are $25 for a 10-by-10-foot booth, or $80 per month, and $15, or $55 a month, for a five-by-four-foot table-top space. All money raised through the booth fees will go to help maintain the museum. Those interested in participating as vendors can contact HanthornCanneryMarket@gmail.com or 360-269-1039.

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