Q: When did the store officially open?

A: Roughly about this time last year.

Q: Can you tell me about the inventory?

A: We carry bait and tackle. We have fresh bait for whatever season there is and plenty of frozen. We have lots of local tackle, including blades and spinners unique to Oregon. We’re the small tackle shop for the local fishermen. We have a lot of unique fun things for salmon, steelhead, sturgeon or surfperch.

Q: Is there a particular color that’s been hot?

A: Chartreuse and pink, or bronco. It always changes. It changes with the week. People will come in and buy 10 of something because it hit somebody that day. We carry a lot of flashers and blades and different colors for different seasons, parts of the river or ocean.

Q: Is there a spinner that’s particularly popular?

A: It really depends on what you’re fishing for, the season and who you’ve been talking to.

Q: What impact has the pandemic had on the business?

A: We started during the pandemic, so it’s all just been kind of normal to us. We are having a hard time getting a lot of our products like hoochies and SpinFish and Pro-Troll. It’s been hard getting the plastic made in Japan to ship up to China, to where they can make and manufacture the products so that we can get it here in America.

Q: Is there a product or service you wish more people were aware of?

A: That we sell Fatal Flash blades. We’re the only carrier that does. ... For people that make their own spinners, they’ll come in and just shop along that whole wall — they’re in heaven. We do fresh bait for the season.

Q: What fresh bait do you have?

A: Right now we have anchovies, but we’ve only been doing it on the weekends since the season is wrapping up. If you’re looking for bait, make sure to call us the day before or earlier if you can. During sturgeon season, we’ll have sand shrimp, and then anchovies and herring for salmon season. We always have tons of frozen bait.

Q: What’s your favorite part of working in this business?

A: I love the people that come in here. They have a passion and excitement for what they do out there on the river. It’s one of the most unique jobs I’ve ever worked.

Q: What part are you most excited about?

A: We’re going to redo the store layout. We’re going to cater a lot more to spinners and custom spinners. You can come in and pick out your own blade and have it custom made here with whatever colors, hoochie, blade or beads. If you find something that’s working for you, something that’s catching, you can come in and order it and we can make it special for you.

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