When did you officially open?

“Monday, Sept. 16.”

What differentiates Turkish from traditional coffee?

“The grind is really fine, an almost powdery-flour like. Most everything else has a coarser grind. You put the powder in cold water with a little bit of sugar and bring it to a quick boil, which makes it frothy, thicker and foamier than traditional coffee. If you’ve had Cuban coffee, I would closely relate it to that — it’s that strong.”

Can you tell me a little bit about the unique brewing process?

“We use a little copper pot called a ‘cezve’ and stick it right in the hot, 200-degree sand (traditionally there is a burner that goes under the pot that holds the hot sand). We add the water and coffee and bring it to a boil. We pour the crema off the top then bring it to a boil again and pour the rest into the cup.”

How much is it?

“$4 for a cup and $2 for a CBD infusion. We have $2.25 Americano pour over.”

Can you tell me more about the infusions?

“Yes, it’s 5 mg of CBD tincture in each dose we stick in the cup. It’s made at Kit’s Apothecary downstairs. It’s a hemp-based extract and doesn’t have any of psychoactive properties of THC.”

What beans do you use for your coffee?

“Sleepy Monk.”

What’s your stance on pumpkin spice?

“I’m not a pumpkin spice person myself. We haven’t brought it in yet, so I’m not sure if we’re going to be doing pumpkin, but maybe if it’s in demand.”

Any tips for brewing coffee at home?

“Watch your water temperature. If you do your own pour-over coffee, make sure it’s not too hot. I personally do a pour over with Sleepy Monk coffee at home. I would stay away from the Keurig and drip coffee. If you tell Sleepy Monk you’re doing a pour over they will grind it to the right consistency.”

How does the coffee grind affect the taste?

“If it’s a coarser grind meant for a drip machine, it’s able to go through the grind faster. The faster the water is running through the coffee, it changes the consistency. Here we use a lot finer grind than the pour over grind, so the water is able to flow through at a nice pace to get a perfect pour every time.”

Why is water temperature important?

“If it’s too hot it will burn the coffee. The grounds will burn before the water comes out and it will have a bitter taste when you drink it. I like about 200 degrees but not more than that. If it’s rapidly boiling you want it to sit until it’s not boiling.”

How has the response been since opening?

“It’s been good, had a lot of people from the community the first week. I took coffee to our neighbors (Farmers Insurance) next door this morning.”

What’s been your favorite part?

“The community here, just opening up a store and meeting all the other store owners and residents. And it’s been so wonderful working every day next to the water. I love Astoria.”

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