Stacey Stahl dreamed of having a shop on Pier 39 in Astoria because she lives nearby and enjoys the hustle and bustle of people coming and going. So, she asked the owner for an available space.

On Halloween, she opened Menagerie to bring an eclectic mix of locally-made goods together on the pier.

As the name suggests, Menagerie sells a variety of items, from jewelry, accessories, home goods and toys to chocolate, tea and candy.

“It’s an eclectic collection from mostly local and Northwest artisans,” Stahl said, adding the artists range from a 12-year-old painter to an 83-year-old maker of wooden boats.

Her friend and customer, Susan Kay, said about 70% of the makers represented at Menagerie are from Oregon, 20% from Washington state and the rest from around the country.

Kay makes soft sculptures of birds, animals and ornaments.

Stahl comes from the world of advertising and also continues to run a voiceover talent agency in Portland, representing voiceover actors all over the world.

Part of the reason she decided to open a store on the east end of Astoria is because there aren’t many retail shops in that area.

The pier itself was home to a cannery, which many women worked in.

“Women were historically present in the cannery, and we have a lot of women artisans,” Stahl said.

Rebecca Tommervik works part time at the shop, where she also sells candles through her business, Kanobi Candle Co. She moved to Astoria about eight months ago and sold her candles at different markets before joining Menagerie. She’s also gaining experience to see how a shop is run so one day she can live out her dream of opening a candle shop on the pier.

“It would have in-house candle-making so people can see the process,” Tommervik said. “People love handcrafted things and I feel this community has a lot of appreciation for what us artisans do.”

Tommervik said she met many other artists at the summer markets, so she and Stahl coordinated with them to set up a holiday market in the pier’s event space, slated for early December.

Stahl said she plans to have many events at the pier. She sees it as a gathering place with a magical mystique. Kay and Tommervik agreed.

“Every time I come out here I get excited,” Tommervik said.

Menagerie is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Friday through Sunday and also sells items online at, with shipping and pickup available.

People can also buy items at the store’s “Mini Menagerie” vending machine outside the shop.

“It fits the whimsical personality,” Stahl said.

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