What a year 2020 was. This past year has been like none of us have seen in our lifetime. The pandemic raged for most of the year, with periods of total business shutdown in the spring of 2020 that impacted businesses of all sizes, and other periods which we are still going through with a roller coaster of restrictions, closures, reduced capacities, venue and events closures, and much more.

This was done to keep our citizens and communities safe, and as we continue the economic recovery and vaccinations are becoming more widely available, we want to take the time to celebrate the resilience of our business community, and the entrepreneurs who had success against all odds.

We look to honor leaders who stood above the crowd within their individual business, or were visionary in supporting the business community in actions and deeds.

We look to recognize a business, as a whole, that has demonstrated remarkable achievement in any of these following areas: customer service, economic impact, innovation, job creation/retention or service (on the part of the business) to the community.

There will also be a “Spirit of Business” award, the community supporter award, which recognizes an organization of any type (nonprofit, service organization, government entity or the like) that has gone above and beyond to support the economic vitality of the region.

Businesses of all sizes will receive equal consideration. For purposes of the nominations, we have categorized a new business as one that has been open for business less than two years, a small business is one that has between 1-10 employees and a large business has more than 10 employees.

Past CEDR award winners are a who’s who of businesses throughout the entire county. (Prior winners can be nominated, too!) This is the only county-wide business recognition event, which normally rotates around the county year to year and is an opportunity for business owners, elected officials, leaders and citizens to get together to network and collectively celebrate the winners and our diverse and robust economy. Businesses must maintain operations (primary or otherwise) in Clatsop County.

Mark your calendar now for 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. May 20. The format this year will be a Zoom event, but this is still an opportunity to get together, albeit virtually. The awards committee is working to have this event be as memorable as always for the winners and the attendees. Advance registration is required. Watch for registration information for this free event, thanks to our generous sponsors.

Next steps? Nominate a business, a leader or an organization for the spirit of business award.

Self-nominations are welcome! To access the nomination form, visit clatsopcc.edu/community resources/cedr.

Click on the online form (preferred) or print the nomination form and mail to CEDR. Details are on the form. IMPORTANT! There must be at least one letter of support to go with each nomination.

All nominations must be received by April 30.

For any questions, email us at cedr@clatsopcc.edu or call 503-338-2402.

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