Dogs and their human friends are welcome to come shop for natural pet food and products at Riverdog Astoria.

Emily Wells opened the new holistic pet shop at 1389 Duane St., Astoria in July.

“I offer a wide selection of Oregon-made products,” Wells said. “Treats, food, clothes, you name it I have it as long as it’s high quality.”

Wells graduated from Seaside High School in 2007 before moving to Portland to work as a buyer for holistic pet food companies for over a decade, learning the ins and outs of natural nutrition as well as high-quality treats.

Upon her return to Astoria last year, she wanted to open her own shop to offer natural pet food and teach the community about what pets need for different issues, like allergies or skin conditions.

So, she hosted a grand opening for Riverdog Astoria on July 24.

Riverdog has a variety of kibble, wet food and freeze-dried food, as well as a selection of raw food options. Other items include Pendleton dog beds, toys, backpacks to carry a dog, chews, handmade collars and leashes.

“We want to provide the community with the best options,” Wells said.

Though the store is mostly for dogs, it also has a kitty corner for natural cat food and handmade cat toys.

Most of the products at Riverdog are made in the U.S., while a large majority are made on the West Coast.

“I think it’s really important because I grew up just throwing whatever we bought at the grocery store in my dog’s bowl, but it wasn’t until my late 20s that I learned what’s healthy for a dog,” Wells said, adding she had a dog with health issues who sent her on that journey. “It’s crazy what dogs in the wild would normally be eating versus what we normally put in their bowls.”

Wells said the food and products available at the store have ethically-sourced ingredients from U.S. farms with no excessive fillers. She has products meant for all dogs as well as specific foods to help address allergies or digestive issues.

“I’m excited for people to come in and say hello, and they can bring their dogs in,” Wells said. “I’m excited to meet everyone and their dogs and hear about their cats.”

For more information about Riverdog Astoria, visit the business’s website at, its Instagram and Facebook pages, or contact 503-741-3188.

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