SEASIDE — A barometer from 1930s and a barber chair from the ‘20s greet guests soon after they step inside.

It’s all part of the unique, rare and antique items at Rust and Dust Vintage in Seaside, where owner Rick Smith has been assembling an ever-expanding vastness of vintage items since 2018.

“We’ve expanded and rented the whole top floor as well,” said Smith.

“We’ve added 12 vendors. It’s grown a lot in volume, there’s a lot more stuff in here. All of that has added to business.”

Business is booming

Smith said business is going ‘really well’ since taking the plunge on the downtown Seaside location.

“It was always a risk to come downtown from what I was paying in rent. But with the foot traffic we have and with the other businesses located next to us, like Westport Winery, Capricorn Pub, Salon on Broadway and Seaside Massage, it drives people into the store. We’re getting a lot more repeat business, people who come in anytime they’re here or local people coming in to see what’s new. All of those things help you with your longevity.”

‘Quirky’ and vintage

Introducing new inventory weekly and changing the layout has kept customers coming back searching for more.

“We try to brand ourselves by getting new and interesting things in, so that people get that treasure hunt mentality,” Smith said.

“Once a month or so we’ll rearrange the store.”

Customers seek different things depending on the season.

“As we get into spring we’re going to have people wanting to change their look or add garden things,” Smith said.

Among the most expensive items is rare artwork worth thousands. The inventory often comes estate sales or auctions.

“People will come in too, if they’re downsizing,” Smith said.

“We’ll buy whole estates and do garage clean-outs. If someone is downsizing we can facilitate that and buy what they want to get rid off. We try to find a lot of repurposed items.”

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