SEASIDE — They come searching for stones that offer truth, tranquility, health and healing.

On a rainy January Monday in Seaside, a shop doorbell jingled continuously amid a constant stream of customers.

It was a typical winter day for Terry Hiatt, now entering his 6th season as owner of Shamouse’s Rocks on Holladay Drive.

“Each year it just keeps growing and growing with more and more return customers,” Hiatt, 65, said during a brief break between sales. “It just gets better and better.”

Customers seek healing stones, crystals

Since opening the store in November 2013, Hiatt’s inventory has more than doubled. Rough rock, fossils and slabs, organized by type and size, line the floor as several shelves of polished specimens greet customers of every height. Metaphysical stones, such as quartz and crystals, are among hottest sellers for adults, while kids are often are attracted to the amethysts and fossils.

Hiatt attributed his growing success to an increasing interest in metaphysical section, which he estimated accounting for ‘at least 70%’ of his sales.

“People are seeking their healing and energy properties,” Hiatt said, adding that regular customers come from as Portland in search of specific stones and crystals from Rose quartz, to ‘all different types of fluorites and crystals.’ Hiatt conceded he didn’t know how the healing properties work, but has felt the energy they exude, which he describes as a ‘buzz’.

“I can feel the energy from it. Everything in here has a buzz to it. But if I were to walk out the door it’s dead silence and I wouldn’t have that feeling,” Hiatt said.

Over the past six years, Hiatt has continuously expanded his inventory, particularly in the metaphysical section, which not occupies the center of the store.

“I cater to it,” Hiatt said motioning to a table of dozens of kinds of different stones, crystals, and high-end fossils. “This table contains my number-one selling items in here.”

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