Note from Emily Lindblom, editor: It’s been an honor to write, take photos and videos, edit stories and design pages for Coast River Business Journal over the past year. After this issue, however, you will see my byline as a freelance writer instead of an editor, as I have accepted a different full-time job in Astoria. It’s been quite a journey chronicling the joys and challenges of business in the Columbia-Pacific region this year.

Our local businesses have had to face the coronavirus pandemic and related restrictions, lay offs, employment challenges, high demand for certain products, supply chain shortages, shipping issues, a tight real estate market, high lumber prices — and the list goes on. There have also been things to celebrate too, like business owners and community members coming together to support each other and find creative ways to adapt and survive. The pandemic is certainly not over, and it will continue to negatively affect our businesses and communities until more people are vaccinated.

I’m so grateful to the members of the business community for sharing their stories, to our readers for their support and to the wonderful EO Media staff members and freelancers for their hard work every month.

Note from Matt Winters, publisher: Many thanks to Emily Lindblom for her fine work producing and coordinating content for Coast River Business Journal. She’s an outstanding journalist, and we look forward to working with her in a somewhat different capacity. It is one of the pleasures of managing CRBJ and other publications that we are able to become acquainted with such talented young writers.

We’re in the process of selecting someone to continue the rewarding job of chronicling the joy of business in the Columbia-Pacific region. This is a particularly exciting — and challenging — time to be in business.

On the positive side, we’re seeing a remarkable incoming tide of new entrepreneurs, along with long-time residents trying out new paths toward success. Our coast is benefiting from being a spectacular place within easy reach of major Pacific Northwest population centers, at a time when we all are experimenting with novel ways to do our jobs.

And on the other hand, it almost goes without saying that every day brings new dilemmas as we all navigate horrendous cycles of COVID-19 infections. It is a time that calls for fast reaction times and strategic flexibility.

Please continue sending business story ideas to and we’ll follow up.

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