Astoria has a new seamstress in town ready to fix, alter and hem customers’ clothes. Lorrie Johnson started her business, Sew Simple!, out of Panache Hair & Nail Lounge in November.

Johnson is available to work out of the salon from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Mondays or by appointment by calling her at 503-765-2990. Customers can drop off their garments and pick them up at the salon.

Johnson’s mom had a sewing shop and taught Johnson how to sew when she was little. She started with embroidery and hand work and then started making her own clothes.

“It’s a hobby that I’ve always had and I like being able to take something that’s basically broken and fix it for people,” Johnson said. “I enjoy helping people and this is one skill I have where I can help somebody else out and reap the benefits of my knowledge.”

The owner of Panache, Caitlin Saraniero, had a sign in the business’s window asking for a seamstress to work out of the shop. Johnson saw it and decided to do it.

“I love having a seamstress on hand,” Saraniero said. Judy Hollingsworth of Sewing by Judy Holly of Astoria used to work out of the salon in the past. When Hollingsworth left, customers would often ask Saraniero where they could find a seamstress.

“It’s a useful skill to have and a lot of people have forgotten how to do it,” Johnson said. “It’s kind of a lost art.”

Sew Simple! is a separate business from the salon so Johnson asks customers to contact her directly instead of calling Saraniero.

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