I am pleased to announce that our Clatsop Community College Small Business Development Center has been named a regional SCALE Oregon Center for Clatsop, Tillamook and Columbia counties.

What is SCALE? The SCALE OREGON program helps existing, traded-sector businesses reach the next level of their business through a combination of specialized services and expert business mentoring and advising. SCALE services are focused on providing a comprehensive approach to strategic assessment and tactical business development that promotes rapid, sustainable growth by leveraging a variety of different services to maximize the benefit to the business.

What are the program requirements?

To be a SCALE Oregon client, the business must be an Oregon-based traded sector company with annual sales of over $1 million, with 10 or more employees, and demonstrated growth in three of the past five years.

We also offer SCALE Express, for traded sector companies ready to grow with annual sales of over $500,000, five or more employees, year over year growth in the past two years, and a scalable business ready for rapid growth.

Both of these models serve our rural area well as we work to provide “next tier” services to larger businesses in Clatsop County.

Some of the tools offered for SCALE:

• Strategic needs assessment

• Advanced market research and analysis

• Import/export and global trade assistance

• Business Planning

• CEDO mentoring and networking

• Financial analysis

• SEO audit and recommendations

• Cybersecurity audit and recommendations

Our advisors will work with businesses to bring in these tools from the Oregon SBDC Network, and provide your business with the latest information from our team of business experts, researchers and specialists. We also work with other business assistance providers including Business Oregon, Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership and Government Contract Assistance Program.

These programs are tailor-made for many of our family-owned businesses in Clatsop County, and we would encourage any traded sector business within these guidelines to contact us today at bizcenter.org/Clatsop or email sbdc@clatsopcc.edu, or call us at 503-338-2402 to set up a confidential and free appointment.

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