Motor Lifeboat 36391, Point Adams 


Glen Cathers  



Year built:


Builder location:

Curtis Bay, Maryland at the U.S. Coast Guard Yard 


Type T-Revised


36 feet 


110 HP Sterling Petrel gas engine 


20,000 pounds


Self-righting and self-bailing 


The Motor Lifeboat 36391, Point Adams was originally a Coast Guard boat. It was brought into service on May 25, 1934 then transported to Coast Guard Station Point Adams in Hammond. It received a Gold Lifesaving Medal after rescuing four men from a broken fishing boat in Clatsop Spit. In 1955, the Motor Lifeboat 36391 was sold out of service.

During the following decades, the boat was altered and not maintained. By the time the current owner, Glen Cathers, came across it in the Port of Astoria in 2005, it was in poor condition but the bottom remained solid. 

"I bought her, brought her home and spent the next seven years rebuilding her to original Coast Guard specs," Cathers said. "391 has bronze parts from 15 different motor lifeboats that were broken up over the years, parts that were saved as mementos by the crews who drove them."

During the restoration process, Cathers uncovered the boat numbers 36391, researched them and learned from a Coast Guard historian that it had been stationed at Point Adams for its entire service.

"Until that moment I was unaware that the boat was in fact one I had been out on many times as a child in the late '40s and early '50s and that my father as a coastguardsman at Point Adams from 1936 to 1955 had driven our boat many, many times on rescue missions," Cathers said. "This boat is very special to me, not only for its historical significance but for its deeply personal place in my heart."

Cathers relaunched the Point Adams in 2012 and has since toured the Coast Guard stations along the west coast, showing the boat to crews. For three months in 2018, Cathers took it on a tour of the Great Lakes and the 49 small boat stations there.  

Now, the Point Adams 36391 is the only T-Revised model, 36-foot motor lifeboat in service condition of 69 that were built. 

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