Date Owner Address Valuation Work Description Contractor

11/1 Clatsop Community College 1651 Lexington Ave $4,050 Install dust collection system P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/2 Lakeview Loan Servicing LLC 1832 4th St N/A Install fireplace Active Enterprises Inc

11/4 JWP Investments LLC 316 Lexington Ave N/A Install new gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

11/4 Corinne Almquist 2041 Irving Ave N/A Install ductless heat pump Heating Solutions LLC

11/5 Brandy Rea 766 Glasgow Ave N/A Sewer repair Alpha Environmental Services Inc

11/5 WWHJ Holdings LLC 1010 Duane St $2,244 Build partition walls and vestibule Owner

11/6 Vern McCleary 1213 Alameda Ave N/A Manufactured dwelling Razz Inc

11/6 Dale and Julie Murff 1734 SE 2nd St N/A Gas stove Owner

11/6 James and Joanne Dunn 1010 Lexingston Ave N/A Install fixture, replace shower valve Ryan Osburn Plumbing Inc

11/7 Clatsop Community Action 411 51st St $17,680 Remove and replace roof and gutters Northwest Roofing & Construction

11/7 Howard Lee 120 Commercial St N/A Remove and replace gas furnace Diamond Heating Inc

11/7 Port of Astoria 55 Pier 2 $50,000 Replace fire sprinkler monitoring panel Inland Electric Inc

11/7 John George Shaw 1178 8th St $12,000 Construct ultra block segmental retaining wall Rickenbach Construction Inc

11/8 N/A 1780 Williamsport Rd $1,150,000 New household hazardous waste facility Larry Helligso Construction Co

11/8 Richard Garner 474 Bond St $1,350 Reinstall gas stove into chimney Blue Water Inc

11/8 Michael Granger 3978 Franklin Ave $7,300 Stairs, railing and repair posts Millennium Design + Construction LLC

11/8 Mathew Waldmann 729 Irving Ave N/A Install bathroom Ryan Osborn Plumbing

11/8 Kris Haefker 1142 Grand Ave N/A Gas water heater Owner

11/9 Kevin and Colleen Violette 1245 Alameda Ave $1,500 Install new gas piping P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/11 Dorothy Myers 708 34th St N/A Install new gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

11/13 N/A 265 Waldorf Cir $3,000 Replace rotten stairs Erickson Custom Renovations LLC

11/13 Fort George Brewery 426 14th St $12,000 Install exhaust fan and associated duct work P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/13 James and Joanne Dunn 1010 Lexington Ave $4,000 Install gas insert and gas piping P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/13 Stephen and Kimberly Nurding 1393 Franklin Ave $1,500 Sewer repipe Coastal Maintenance and Plumbing LLC

11/13 Vern McCleary 1213 Alameda Ave N/A New garage Owner

11/14 Steve Mills 167 W Grand Ave $1,346 Venting bathroom fans P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/14 Marine Street LLC 450 Marine Dr $11,986 Install heat pump system Diamond Heating Inc

11/15 Lezlie Westley 808 Glasgow Ave $3,500 Install pellet stove Blue Water Inc

11/16 Patrick and Marsha Ettro 1510 7th St N/A Install gas fireplace Heating Solutions LLC

11/16 Krista Patterson 3575 Grand Ave $4,000 Furnace replacement P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/20 City of Astoria 1555 W Marine Dr $8,000 Replace windows, wall and ceiling Owner

11/20 Michael Joseph Brown 331 W Niagara Ave N/A Redo kitchen waste, vent and waters A Plus Plumbers Inc

11/20 First Church of Christ Astoria 1151 Harrison Ave $102,000 Replace interior finishes Helligso Construction Co

11/20 Oregon State Div/State Lands 1 3rd St N/A Replacing tub/shower unit Terry’s Plumbing LLC

11/21 Tedric and Lynila Lindstrom 55 Skyline Ave $11,164 Replace heat pump P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/21 Charnell Waller 3088 Harrison Ave $1,851 Vent bathroom fans P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/21 James and Toni Ihander 411 Clatsop Ave $15,000 Install furnace, gas insert and hot water heater P & L Johnson Mechanical Inc

11/21 Melissa Edwards 921 Alameda Ave $3,013 Install gas stove and gas piping Diamond Heating Inc

11/26 Jimmy and DeLores Richards 1269 Commercial St $350 Alupanel substrate with vinyl letter Red Dwarf Graphx Inc

11/26 Matthew Pierce 726 38th St $13,593 Remove and replace burned roof from garage Coastal Restorations LLC

11/26 Christopher Freeman 289 Lexington Ave $2,600 Install gas heating stove Blue Water Inc

11/27 Margaret Schumaker 856 11th St $25,000 Remove and install doors, add siding Erickson Custom Renovations LLC

11/27 Clatsop County 857 Commercial St $30,000 Install solar panel system Owner

11/27 Michael Benesch 950 Olney Ave $200,000 Construct new covered structure Erik J. Fagerland

11/28 Emily Engdahl 1555 6th St N/A Install gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

11/28 Peter Schauermann 803 Glasgow Ave $3,800 Replacing gas furnace Blue Water Inc

11/28 Shelley Covell 1208 Alameda Ave N/A Install gas furnace Heating Solutions LLC

11/28 Wet Dog Brewery 144 11th St $7,500 Replace rooftop heating and cooling unit Heating Solutions LLC

11/29 Allison Katz 167 W Grand Ave N/A Install 2 toilets, 3 lavs, 2 showers, 7 fixtures JP Plumbing Company

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