Date Description Property Owner Price Address

8/01 Co-locate State of Washington $20,000 665 Radar Ridge Ln, Naselle

8/13 Interior remodel Mitchell and Patricia Candido $70,000 15009 Birch St, Long Beach

8/23 ASFR Elizabeth Hilpert $22,649 2803 China Hill Ln, Ilwaco

8/23 4x8 porch Richard and Nance Looker $2,500 30809 G St, Ocean Park

8/30 43.5x60 NSFG Pratoom Christian, Barbara Cenci $139,233 772 Parpala Rd, Naselle

8/30 12x20 shed Richard North $5,023 315 Parpala Rd, Naselle

8/30 Cover existing deck Richard and Dawn Johnston $10,800 1429 269th Pl, Ocean Park

9/06 68x54 NSFG Donald and Patricia Driscoll $220,000 175 South Fork, Raymond

9/06 Interior remodel Martha Warrington, Margaret Brownell $200,000 264 Stringtown Rd, Ilwaco

9/25 New pole building Cindy Guzman and A. Herrejon-Cortez $29,412 2618 243rd Pl

10/9 Interior remodel Perry and Cathleen Hackett $9,292 22215 Pacific Way, Ocean Park

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