10/23 $58,000 1313 33rd St, Seaview Jonathan Jaffe Karl and Michal Miller

10/23 $130,000 Not provided Mandy Elise Hardy and Vaunak So South Bend United Methodist Church

10/23 $219,000 Not provided John and Janice Wacker John Roisum

10/23 $259,800 26002 Park Ave, Ocean Park James and Margaret Hutchinson Constance West Trustee

10/23 $286,000 724 Robert Bush Dr W, South Bend Michael and Jennifer Braun Kismet Properties Development LLC

10/24 $194,500 757 May St, Raymond Sharmin Brooks Jeffery Brooks

10/24 $145,000 138 28th St NW, Long Beach Heidi Borgens Alexander Orlov

10/24 $257,508 3100 32nd Pl, Ilwaco Jeffrey and Janine Walker Patricia Brewe

10/24 $30,000 1112 Paulding St, Raymond Tyler Wimberley and Meagan Sanaski Ernest Stenholm

10/24 $347,900 706 Shoreview Dr N, Long Beach Vu Bao and Thuy Le Han Atlas Construction

10/25 $10,000 Not provided Andrew Jr and Shelley Walls Leland Glenn Jr and Hillary Trusty

10/25 $245,000 1202 199th Pl, Long Beach Christopher and Denise Canonica Elmer IV and Sophia Loose

10/25 $48,000 9905 Sandridge Rd, Long Beach Kenneth Royle Patrick and Mary Wright

10/25 $115,000 2247 State Rt 105, Tokeland Christopher and Libie Cain Richard and Bonnie Ervin

10/26 $139,900 1420 197th St, Long Beach Michel and Pamela Scott Laura Faye Olason and Carla Miller

10/26 $39,900 30807 N Pl, Ocean Park Barry Carroll and Gina Paoli Mervin and Nancy Wallis

10/26 $55,125 24210 Y Ln, Ocean Park Richard Shane Scales Federal National Mortgage Association

10/26 $45,000 Not provided Nola Ray Robert and Sandra Colbert

10/26 $153,700 1306 Bay Ave, Ocean Park Gerald and Cheryl Blanchard Cate Gable

10/29 $84,000 3301 Willapa Rd, Raymond Wilmington Savings Fund Society Pacific County Sheriff

10/29 $17,500 Not provided Amy Clark Philip Jackson and Norma Zenier

10/29 $50,000 Not provided Stephen Jordan Mar Pacifico Inc

10/29 $110,000 33 1st St, South Bend Peter and Linda Kvale Fan Wong

10/29 $320,000 22617 Pacific Way, Ocean Park Robert Iness and Di Irons Dennis and Mary Caldwell

10/29 $107,520 Not provided Wells Fargo Bank Quality Loan Service Corporation

10/29 $129,000 112 15th St SW, Seaview Hal and Debbra Bartley Mel and Joanne Clark

10/30 $60,000 1408 254th Pl, Ocean Park Timothy and Marilyn Johnston Carolyn Stone

10/30 $245,000 3 Kasandra Ln, Naselle Dennis and Mary Caldwell Catherine Munro Trustee

10/30 $145,000 1046 Maple St, Grayland Dennis and Sherri Hall Jo Anne Saathoff

10/31 $265,000 20503 Birch Pl, Ocean Park Robin Foster and Jaqueline Scott Aurelia McCallum

10/31 $79,900 1911 324th Pl, Oysterville Peter and Valerie Baxter Bill Kaseweter

10/31 $424,500 232 25th St NW, Long Beach John and Kristine Burlingame William Hope

10/31 $60,000 4516 Alder St, Tokeland Marilyn Van Wieringen R and R Smith and M Gamon

10/31 $335,000 2711 Sea Crest Ave N, Long Beach Ralph and Mary Etter Leonid Petrovich Vikhrenko

11/01 $25,000 34711 G St, Oysterville Mourikis Construction Inc Chris and Danielle Devlin

11/01 $129,000 1005 Washington Ave N, Long Beach John and Patti Van Teylingen Tina Goodson

11/01 $129,500 Not provided Bret and Brenda Brantner Raymond Bergren Trustee

11/02 $30,000 Not provided Scott and Brandy Ferguson Skyline Land Corporation

11/02 $30,000 830 Kristi Ln, Chinook Joe Maplethorpe III William and Sharon Gorham

11/02 $175,000 23711 Pacific Way, Ocean Park Thomas Hart Hazeltine Jean Shaudys

11/03 $60,000 1602 254th Pl, Ocean Park Garry Tolen Stanley and Dale Graham

11/05 $265,000 35708 G St, Oysterville Thomas and Susan Jensen Dennis and Karen Wigen

11/06 $45,000 1403 300th Pl, Ocean Park Joshua Maxey Albert and Beverly Davidson

11/07 $50,000 726 May St, Raymond Richard and Juli Malone Steven Bair

11/07 $220,500 30104 G St, Ocean Park Adam and Melissa Jean Legg Matthew and Danielle Watkins

11/08 $30,000 Not provided Todd and Vail Stephens Willapa Logging Co Inc

11/08 $20,000 Not provided To Shell With It LLC Turner & Son Inc

11/08 $160,000 21810 Pacific Way, Long Beach Ronald and Daralee Mowlds George and Pamelia Hill

11/08 $385,000 635 State Rt 101, Chinook Hans and Donna Winterlich Steven and Janet Schneider

11/09 $850,000 1199 187th Pl, Long Beach Robert and Anita Dethlefs Ronald and Margaret Schuler

11/09 $32,222 Not provided Kurt Folsom and Kathy De Carlo Barry Henthorn

11/12 $646,800 743 Bradford St, Raymond Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Aztec Foreclosure Corp of WA

11/13 $130,000 12318 Pacific Way, Long Beach Shane and Traci Knight Stephen Lindeman and Carey Williams

11/13 $139,900 273 Monohon Landing Rd, Raymond Kathy Ann Kellie Richard Jonas

11/13 $210,000 1717 225th Pl, Ocean Park Eddy Roalsen Daniel Ackley

11/13 $205,000 Not provided Derrick Hobbs Glenn Oxford

11/15 $535,000 550 Lakeview Dr, Ilwaco Benjamin and Kelly Spall Timothy and Janene Larson

11/15 $68,000 2204 302nd Pl, Ocean Park Angela Wescott Aroldo Hernandez

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