Lori's Doll Haus

Lori Eller has been a seamstress nearly all her life, first making her kids clothing more than 50 years ago. In April, Eller opened Lori’s Doll Haus where she makes custom clothing for hundreds of different dolls.

Lori Eller has been a seamstress more than 60 years, but only decided to make it into a business a few months ago.

Eller officially opened Lori’s Doll Haus at 600 Pacific Hwy in Long Beach in April. The shop has hundreds of dolls with unique dress designs, most renovated by Eller.

“I’ve been sewing for years,” she said. “I made all my kids’ clothing. My oldest son is 60, one is 58 and my baby is 54.”

When Eller relocated from Raymond to the Peninsula to be closer to family, she brought hundreds of dolls from a former Christmas toy charity.

“I started out in Raymond about 20 years ago doing a Christmas toy charity, that’s where all the dolls came from,” Eller said, as she motioned to the hundreds of dolls lining her store shelves.

“I did it for 18 years as a charity, sewing doll clothes.”

Eller initially planned to store her U-Haul-sized stash of dolls in her garage, but soon discovered that she simply didn’t have room in her new space.

“My son said ‘do something about these toys I can’t get in the garage,’” Eller joked. “So here I am (Ha-Ha)”

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