LONG BEACH — A healthy alternative to fast food is being served up one smoothie at a time in Long Beach.

Beach Nutrition, a shake and smoothie bar located at 800 Pacific Ave., officially opened in May where owner Steve and Mary Bertoldi strive to provide a healthy, nutrient-rich option to fast food.

“We decided to open to help our local community have a healthier, more active lifestyle and to give them alternative choices to fast food,” Mary said.

“This is a quick stop that people can come in and grab breakfast or a quick lunch shake and not have to worry whether it’s healthy.”

Positive impact on Peninsula health

As wellness coaches, the Bertoldis are hopeful to have a positive impact on the health of Peninsula community.

In addition to healthy smoothies, they will offer free wellness profiles that examine eating habits and help coordinate a meal plans.

Aiding digestion, turning fat into energy, weight loss and weight gain services, are among the meal plan options.

“We let people know about our products, how they work and encourage them to try our shakes and teas,” Mary said.

She decided to open a business after experiencing personal success with the program.

“When I first started I lost 25 pounds in the first few months and I got a lot of energy,” she said.

“My uncle was on it for one month and lost 23 pounds. I went to training and they talked about how our population is obese, almost 60%. Many people don’t know what nutrition is. We know what to put in our car but we don’t know what to put in our body.”

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