PACIFIC COUNTY — Pacific County retail marijuana sales are reaching unprecedented heights amid the pandemic.

Customers purchased around $440,000 in marijuana products from three retail stores in Pacific County in May, according to the latest figures from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board. Summer has historically been the brisk season for local retailers, and sales figures have already surged to record highs this spring.

“We’ve been so busy,” said Freedom Market store manager Kelly Malone in between serving customers in early August. “There’s a lot of tourists — just a lot of people. Even on a Wednesday, everything is packed.”

The Port of Ilwaco pot store had $168,735 in sales in May, bringing its yearly total to about $720,000, a 33% increase over the same period compared to 2020.

Mr. Doobies in Seaview had $153,595 in sales in April, its third best month overall since 2016 and roughly $50,000 more than April 2020, when sales started to surge as people began coping with the covid shutdown.

Grower’s Outlet in South Bend had $131,029 in sales in May, its second highest month since 2015. The sole retailer in South Bend had a record $140,272 in sales in February, roughly double compared to the same period in 2020.

Processors, growers reach record revenue

As marijuana sales continue to reach record heights in Pacific County, so has the revenue for local growers and processors.

Pacific County marijuana processor wholesale sales totaled $3.1 million for May, according to the latest figures from the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board.

BMF Washington, based in Raymond, had the highest total with $902,024 in sales in May, accounting for nearly 33% of the overall county wholesale sales.

Two Heads Co. had $623,292 in May sales, the second-highest total among the 11 active growers and processors in the county. The Raymond-based processor produces a line of marijuana concentrates, including dabs, waxes and distillate cartridges. On store shelves at The Freedom Market in Ilwaco, Two Heads Co. concentrates steadily sell for $30 a gram.

“A lot know they’re a local company and they do such a high-quality product,” store manager Kelly Malone said. “It’s easy to sell their stuff.”

Green Labs in South Bend, producers of the popular Swifts Edibles line, had $382,830, the third most, followed by Millennium Marijuana with $331,442.

Among the licensed Pacific County marijuana growers, Lester Farms had $179,118 in sales in May, its best month since August 2020.

Quality Growers bounced back from a dismal start this spring to record $94,121 in May, the second most in the county. Evergreen Production, based in Raymond, had the third-highest May total with $71,769 in sales. Coastal Growers, based in Ilwaco, had nearly $20,000 in sales in May.

Marijuana products continue to evolve

New marijuana products are attracting an ever-broadening cannabis customer base.

Most retail marijuana stores carry an array of cannabis-infused drinks and candies, from soda and tea to brownies and gummies, but unique product lines have begun to show up on store shelves, from bath bombs to sugar-free mints, which has expanded the customer appeal, according to local retailers.

Among the latest products are Swift Mints, made by Green Labs in Raymond and “fizzy” bath bombs, made by Longview-based Honu Natural. Both products are geared toward consumers who may be considering infused products for the first time by offering a familiar item with a more measurable and manageable dose.

“We don’t get a lot of sugar-free options,” Malone said regarding the mints. “And where most edibles are 10-mg per serving, these are only 5. It allows people to have a little less instead of overdoing it.”

Among the other new-infused products gracing store shelves is a chocolate syrup, made by Seattle-based Craft Elixirs, and “potent” 100-mg mini shots, produced by Ray’s Lemonade, based in Clayton.

“For medical patients who have a high tolerance and need more, this is great way to consume without having to eat so much,” Malone said.

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