Date Description Property Owner Price Address

8/29 24x30 Gar Steve and Alice Belden $28,000 2011 222nd Pl

9/18 Gar/pole bldg Patrick and Tera Lucero $107,844 31510 Sandridge Rd

9/18 Gar/pole bldg Christopher and Camille Boggs $30,000 16901 Mill Ln

9/25 26x16 Gar Robert and Jeanne Jones $12,746 260 Joe Jockey Rd

9/26 Interior remodel and gar add Steven and Kay Halpain $79,342 1404 198th St

9/27 40x60 Pole Bldg Daniel and Diane Swain $58,824 55 Palix Ln

10/01 SFR Barry and Therese Griffin $268,000 27701 I Ln

10/09 25x40 NGAR Ronald and Barbara Ambuehl $24,510 27320 V St

10/09 12x36 lean to Michael and Coleen Frericks $9,041 1208 218th Ln

10/22 Interior remodel Mark Knecht and Valerie Clementi $50,916 28017 L Pl

10/30 Interior remodel William and Penny Neal $29,616 1200 202nd Ln

11/01 SFR Mark and Deborah Mansell $208,852 30305 J Pl

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