11/15 $290,000 Not provided Mitchell and Denise Smith Floyd and Janet St Clair

11/15 $109,000 415 Central Ave, South Bend Sheila Gabbard Ryan Gabbard

11/16 $20,000 1511 324th Pl, Oysterville Robert S and Joleen Koehler Max and Phyllis Hedges

11/16 $448,000 15410 Sandridge Rd, Long Beach Barry Everett Jaqueline Clarke

11/18 $20,000 Not provided Bob Nistler Keith and Cindy Wright

11/19 $227,000 18 Wilson Ln, South Bend Linda Lafferty Frances Wong and Lee and Ros Aldridge

11/19 $325,000 02 Ecky Ln, Naselle Jason and Shannon Bergeson Ian Bittner

11/19 $18,000 1401 301st Pl, Ocean Park William and Cynthia Hervery Barton and Linda Stephens

11/19 $150,000 1616 222nd Pl, Ocean Park Janice Sato Ellis and Eulene Kiser

11/19 $242,000 1400 232nd Ln, Ocean Park Gregory and Denise Hippert Hy Julian and Dorina Tubon Tran

11/20 $154,000 1703 264th Pl, Ocean Park Terry and Sullivan Ludlow Anita Moe

11/20 $163,000 Not provided Calvin and Teresa Williams Barbara Snider

11/20 $90,000 510 340th Pl, Oysterville Charlotte Lee and Kurtiss Teegarden John Peterson

11/20 $68,000 Not provided Opportunistic Developers LLC Dennis Company

11/20 $1,000 Not provided Frank and Carol Glenn Nicki Andrews

11/21 $69,900 840 Crossing St, Raymond Jeffrey Todd Clark Curtis

11/21 $150,000 Not provided James and Andrea Kemmer R & B Oyster Inc

11/21 $150,000 1017 Ballentine St, Raymond Gregorio E Moreno and Patricia Valencia Janice Crawford

11/21 $96,000 Not provided Richard and Beth Widdowson Estate of Barry Kilian

11/26 $157,000 34 Bay Ln, South Bend John Huff III Rhonda Wittstruck

11/26 $15,000 3005 202nd St, Long Beach Daniel LaPointe Edward and Susan Robbins

11/26 $64,000 3303 Oldani Rd, Raymond Tawnya Angel Jodi Betrozoff and Precious Hearts Learning Center LLC

11/26 $224,900 30210 H St, Ocean Park Keith and Marla Sayne Roberta Fosterman

11/26 $63,000 1019 202nd Ln, Ocean Park Haydee Christine Silva Ronald Combs

11/26 $15,000 3005 202nd St, Long Beach Daniel LaPointe Edward and Susan Robbins

11/27 $91,080 310 4th St S, Long Beach Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp Quality Loan Serice Corporation

11/27 $159,900 1245 Larch St, Raymond Edmund Doran Shirley Ann Boggs

11/27 $180,000 418 Lake St SE, Ilwaco Kari Beller and Donald Corcoran Mary McEwen

11/27 $161,000 1307 163rd Pl, Long Beach Jody Lynn Austin and Lulu Electra LaFever Woody Philips

11/27 $315,000 209 5th St NE, Long Beach Abigail Cooper White Mack Michael Datoli

11/28 $45,000 Not provided Patrick and Anita Price Noel and Betty Christensen

11/28 $750,000 830 Riverview Ln, Chinook Eric Paulson Trustees Michael Gene Leach

11/28 $50,000 221 South Valley Rd, Naselle Michelle Getchell Mark Heckman

11/28 $273,000 Not provided Patrick and Natalie Lassen Colleen Coddington

11/29 $322,500 4714 L Pl, Seaview Rachel Wyrick Patricia Jacobsen

11/29 $152,000 4716 L Pl, Seaview Rachel Wyrick Patricia Jacobsen

11/29 $162,825 20717 Crane Pl, Long Beach Henry Arthur and Jolena Valdez Estate of Barry Kilian

11/29 $170,000 730 Willapa Ave, South Bend Robert and Sharron Jackman Trula Fetters

11/29 $359,000 30103 G St, Ocean Park John B II and Brenda G Ivey Max Fuller and Stacy Edgar

11/29 $3,500 14 Airport Rd, Raymond Glenn Hollingshead Christine Hollingshead

11/29 $185,000 908 338th St, Ocean Park Robert and Lora Lane Pamela Bisbee

11/30 $320,000 2960 Kindred Ave, Tokeland Zachary Young and Heather Earnhardt Larry and Mary Roberts

11/30 $10,000 Not provided Eric Dean and Camille Callahan Robert and Kimberly Cuddeback

11/30 $20,000 Not provided Robert Walters and Marie Martin Gray and Deborah Trull

12/03 $231,000 2809 230th Ln, Ocean Park Douglas and Pamela Forbes Jacqueline Campbell

12/03 $155,000 Not provided Phillip and Rebecca Johnson Erik Wickstrom

12/03 $40,000 Not provided Anthony Charles Suit Debbie Stanley

12/04 $18,000 Not provided Jack and Vicki Laub Richard and Ann Kearns

12/04 $19,102 1500 Henkle St, Raymond Bradley and Geraldine Harden Turner & Son Inc

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