Pacific Crest Apothecary

2541 U.S. Highway 101, Ilwaco

Danielle Lynn and Michael Pickens, owners

Friday through Sunday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

ILWACO, Wash. — A budding apothecary business with plans to expand into a community co-op is taking root in a formerly vacant building.

On Sept. 3, Pacific Crest Apothecary held a soft opening at 2541 U.S. Highway 101.

The store carries an array of CBD and mushroom-extract supplements, topicals, teas and terpene products, but has plans to eventually expand into much more.

Owners Danielle Lynn and Michael Pickens, creators of a line of CBD and mushroom-extract supplements, moved to Oysterville from Spokane in March.

“We came to visit the area last November. We were growing out of facility in Spokane and thought we either had to get a bigger facility there or go somewhere else. We wanted to be by the coast, so we visited a few spots and fell in love with the area,” Pickens said.

Soon after arriving, they noticed a need for more heath and nutrition supplements locally.

“I have some allergies and we noticed on the peninsula there isn’t really a lot as far as health food or nutrition, so we thought we should open up our own store and bring in all kinds of supplements we typically buy and have them available here. We want it to be like a Pacific County co-op. We want to try to bring in as many local people here as possible,” Lynn said.

Lynn and Pickens started their business in Spokane two years ago, where they launched their own line of CBD products under the credo “Be healthy. Be happy. Be Adventurous.”

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a nonintoxicating ingredient found in cannabis and hemp. The compound has been viewed with increasing interest in recent years as a treatment for a variety of symptoms from anxiety to insomnia.

“We want to bring the wellness from the plant without getting people intoxicated,” Lynn said.

“We make botanical CBD products.”

The products are sold online and in 30 retail stores around the country under the Pac Crest Botanicals label.

“We do a lot of wholesale,” Pickens said.

Certain CBD supplements are created to help with mood, sleep, pain and immunity support, among other symptoms. The “Inspire” sublingual, blended with mushroom extracts and selected terpenes, acts as natural nootropics improving cognition, Lynn said.

The store also carries a line of terpene products and indoor-grown hemp flower. “It’s all organic,” Pickens said.

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