LONG BEACH — A new women’s apparel store is gearing up for a grand opening in downtown Long Beach.

“We’re going to open by the end of April,” said Reign Boutique and Design owner Lacey Bautista, who along with her 15-year-old daughter, Sofia, has been busy preparing the space, located at 408 Pacific Avenue.

The store will carry a hand-selected array of women’s cosmetics and clothing “for all ages and sizes,” Lacey Bautista said.

“It was basically started for the women who live here on the Peninsula because there’s not a lot of clothing options for them, especially locally. Plus I have a teenage daughter and we were going to the mall a lot. I just decided to bring something here locally for the girls.”

Trendy and affordable

A majority of the clothing inventory at Reign comes from women-owned businesses, and ranges from $10 to $40.

“Almost everything we have in here is from women-owned and operated businesses,” Lacey Bautista said.

Lacey Bautista, a mother of five children (ages 15, 13, 10, 7 and 4), was inspired to bring a clothing and cosmetic option closer to the coast after experiences shopping for herself and her kids.

“I’m a mom of five, so I shop a lot. And it just didn’t seem like we had a lot of options here. My teenage daughter would get ready for the dances and stuff, and always had a lot of girls her age over at the house. They would be getting ready and it always seemed like they were talking about how they wish they had somewhere to shop around here, a place where they could get stylish clothes and makeup. It originally started out to be for young girls, but why not include everybody else?”

Lacey Bautista and her daughter, Sofia, previously traveled the roughly two-hour drive to Washington Square in Beaverton to shop for clothing and beauty products, which ultimately motivated them to open a store with similar products on the coast.

Exclusive cosmetics, including Ulta and Sephora, are among the brands the store will carry.

“You have to go all the way to Beaverton to get a lot of the beauty products I carry in here. A lot of people still aren’t comfortable ordering online, so for people who don’t want to order online or go far away, I’m bringing it here,” Lacey Bautista said.

The store will also have plus-size clothing, athletic gear and lingerie.

“It’s another thing that’s really hard to find,” Lacey Bautista said.

Online clothing shopping can be tricky, particularly for those that need plus-sized or have unique fits, Lacey Bautista explained.

“That’s why we put our dressing room in here. It’s really necessary for women to be able to try clothes on and feel good about it before they leave and not want to bring it back.”

Ready for spring

The store has been a beehive of activity in recent weeks as the mother-and-daughter duo ramp up for the grand opening, which they anticipate later this month.

“Right now we’re just moving in and getting our spring stuff for this year,” Lacey Bautista said.

“We added a dressing room. It will be fun. I’m pretty excited about it.”

Lacey Bautista said the young adult clothing, largely hand-curated by Sofia, is “mainstream and trendy” yet affordable.

“Our average price is $20, we range from $10 to $40. We’re just trying to keep it like a cheaper version of American Eagle kind of thing,” Lacey Bautista said.

Opening the location in Long Beach was largely decided on a whim in March, she said, adding that she hopes to capture some of the spring break rush.

“We’ve done this all in like three weeks. We painted, redid the floor — everything,” she said.

“I’m going for the industrial vibe mixed with a feminine aesthetic. We’re leaving it a little rough with a little luxury feel.”

Ocean Park store

While many businesses downsized or delayed expansion during the pandemic, Reign is among the few who have grown. Bautista held a quiet opening for the first location at 21706 Pacific Highway in Ocean Park in June.

“As soon as we opened (the Ocean Park location) we crammed it full of stuff because it was such a boring time last year,” she said.

The Ocean Park location, currently open on weekends, carries a slightly different inventory skewed more for the locals, including an array of women’s clothing and personal care products from healthy teas to organic bath bombs.

“We have a lot of self-care and beauty products, stuff to make women feel pretty,” she said.

“It’s doesn’t get a lot of business, but it gets a lot of grandmas. It’s got some good stuff in there and a lot of people don’t know that.”

Royal ancestry helps inspire name

The name of the business (Reign) was inspired by her son, who shares the same middle name, and their royal ancestry.

“We recently did an Ancestry.com test and we’re related to quite a bit of Scottish and British Royalty. Our closest relative is Anne Boleyn’s sister, Mary Boleyn (1500-1543). Mary Boleyn is my 12th great-grandmother.”

Anne Boleyn (1501-1536) was second of six marriages for King Henry VIII, who was rumored to have had two children with Mary as well.

“When you’re related to one noble person, they lead back to many generations,” Lacey Bautista said.

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