SEAVIEW — A former California resident is finding peace of mind in Pacific County as the new operator of a peninsula gas station.

In June, Adam Nagi, 30, became the manager at the Seaview Mobil Station, 3909 Pacific Ave.

From Stockton to SeaviewOriginally from Yemen, Nagi, 30, moved to the peninsula from Stockton, California, after living in the Golden State for the previous 17 years.

“We just bought Seaview Mobil about two months ago. We had been looking at it awhile before getting the deal done with (former owner) Mark (Whitman),” Nagi said.

Nagi became aware of Long Beach after talking to his cousins, who own Joe’s Mobil gas station in Astoria.

“They found this one (Seaview Mobil) was for sale and they needed someone to help run it, so I came over here,” Nagi said, adding that they’re seeking to eventually expand and purchase more gas stations.

“Hopefully in the future we can buy another one.”

The gas station has existed since 1980. In 2020, under the former owner, the station had three new fuel tanks and pumps installed, capable of holding roughly 19,000 gallons of fuel.

Happy to be hereSince relocating to the Long Beach Peninsula, Nagi is relishing the change in weather, pace and scenery.

“I love the area — and it’s way better than California’s weather,” said Nagi, who relocated with his wife.

“There’s more opportunity here than California — and it’s quieter, calmer and a better view. I really like it. Business has also been great. People here are nice and respectful.”

Since taking ownership, the gas station has undergone some changes, including adding new inventory and rearranging the interior layout.

“We just brought in more of the basic things — candy, charcoal, napkins, toilet paper — all the things that people need or want. We’re just adding a few things that were missing,” Nagi said.

Nagi in looking forward to becoming more involved with the schools and local community.

“We just want people to know that we’re the new owners and we want to make it better for the community — anything to help the community or local schools and sports,” he said. “We just want the community to know that we’re here for them.”

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